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Prachi Sharma, TravelBlogger

Yuvika & I, Ooty.

Hello! My name is Prachi Sharma – A mommy blogger, an aspiring best-selling author, a closet-romantic, and a-girl-who-secretly-judges-people-by-their-sun signs.

Armed with a professional management degree and a short banking stint (with likes of Deustche and Citi), who knew I would finally find my calling in ‘writing’!

What started with writing mushy love-letters for my BFFs in school days, quickly graduated into writing fiction, and finally, to travelogues for all those who’re bitten by the travel-bug, like me.

My romance with travelling began with my first train journey to my grandmother’s place in New Delhi, India. Even though the memory is faint,

I vividly recall falling in love with everything associated to travelling – the planning, the anticipation, the journey and that moment when you finally reach the destination!

Coupled with my passion for photography, my travel mania only grew.

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On a different note, I believe my lethal (or so my husband believes) fascination with observing people has fuelled my love for travel and capturing photos. I absolutely love, and I repeat, LOVE meeting new people, getting to know them, find out their likes and dislikes, what ticks them, and the reason for why they are the way they are! Travelling gives me an opportunity to hone these skills, learn about different people, their culture, and their history.

Apart from that, when I am not devouring travel-related information and writing fiction, I like grooving to all sorts of music, from A. R. Rehman to EDM, basically anything peppy sets me on! My evenings are usually spent making crazy dubsmash videos with my kiddo, checking out cute-cat gifs, reading, chit-chatting, and sampling various cuisines.

Having explored most of the Indian subcontinent, I now wish to travel to the mesmerizing land of Ladakh with my adorable daughter.

Nobody should miss out on the beauty of Pangong Lake on a full moon night, the adrenaline rush of driving a motorbike ala SRK style on the highest motorable road of India – ‘Khardunga La’, and experience the magic of Magnetic Hill, a place where vehicles are apparently pulled uphill automatically!

Yes, Ladakh is definitely on my bucket list, and, as promised to my little one…it is happening really soon!