Lebanon in Pictures – where the East meets the West

Lebanon in Pictures – where the East meets the West

Rabbit Island beach, Tripoli
A minuscule gem of the Mediterranean, it is easy to overlook this under-the-radar, beautiful nation - this is exactly what we DON’T want you to end up doing! Of all things epic about Lebanon, what amazes many is its ability to seamlessly fuse between the eastern and the western worlds. So, while touring this nation, expect to get Middle Eastern vibes as well as European - be it the fashion-conscious Beirut and its street cafes or the medieval architecture and labyrinthine souks of Tripoli! Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, often referred to as the “Paris of the Middle East”, screams sweet chaos with the amount of charms and contradictions it holds within its gamut, often seducing intrepid visitors with an equal share of history, hedonism, and hummus! Coming back to Lebanon, the country is one of the oldest in the world, with a history that takes you eons back, with human existence preceding recorded history. When it comes to natural beauty, Lebanon stores a wealth of it, flashing it in the form of lush cedars (inspiration behind the Lebanese flag), picturesque caves and waterfalls, sprawling green valleys, mystical ancient ruins, majestic mountain vistas, and glamourous beaches. Here are some pictures that we hope, can give justice to the beauty this truly magical nation holds.

Medieval Ruins and Pretty Coasts

Lebanon in Pictures
A solitary ruined house overlooking the coastal city of Byblos
Perched by the coast, Byblos is one of the largest cities of Lebanon, rapidly emerging as a bustling tourist destination owing to its ancient ruins, powdery beaches, scenic mountains, chic outdoor cafes, and its medieval port.

St. Paul's Basilica, Harissa

Lebanon tourism
The beautiful St. Paul's Basilica amidst a cloudy backdrop, Harissa, Lebanon
Sitting amidst a hill flooded with greens, the beautiful Byzantine-style St. Paul's Cathedral is located in the Harissa municipality of Lebanon, and is believed to be constructed between 1947 and 1962.

Pigeons' Rocks, Beirut

Lebanon pictures
Pigeons' Rocks, Beirut, Lebanon
As soon as you step into Lebanon's capital city of Beirut, you will be welcomed by this picturesque pair of rocks, also famously referred to as the Rock of Raouché. With its enviable location by the Raouché corniche, this is one of the best places to capture a magical sunset in Beirut!

Old Town, Tripoli

Lebanon tourism
Old Town, Tripoli
The Old City of Tripoli is a sheer delight for history lovers and appreciators of the ancient. Traverse the alleys of Old Town to stumble upon stunning medieval churches, mosques, hammams, madrassas, khans, and souks that go back centuries.

Qadisha Valley, North Lebanon

Lebanon in pictures
Views of Qadisha Valley and the hill town of Bsharri
Also known as Kadisha Valley or Wadi Kadisha/Kadisha Gorge, this lush valley is located at the foothills of Mount al-Makmal, in northern Lebanon. Marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Qadisha Valley is dotted with ancient monasteries, charming red-roofed mountain villages like Bsharri and Ehden, sprawling cedar forests, gorgeous ponds and springs, and more! Whether you fancy hiking or relaxing amidst the serene mountains, this place is perfect for a getaway! Oh and yes, the valley is overlooked by Qornet As Sawda, the highest peak in Lebanon!

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Glamorous Beach Resorts

Lebanon tourism Lebanon is also famed for its sparkling, glamorous beaches and beach resorts, which are emerging as hot tourist magnets for revellers from not just the Middle East, but across the globe. Locals and tourists alike flock these resorts and beaches, for endless parties, riveting sunsets, and plenty of vitamin sea!

Jaw-dropping Coastal Views

Lebanon in pictures
A lady enjoying an ice-cream, with a Lebanese flag, while overlooking sweeping views of Jounieh Bay
Head about 20 km north of Beirut and you land at the good-looking coastal city of Jounieh. Known for its pulsating nightlife and seaside resorts, this city is also famous for its gondola ride that takes passengers up a mountain to the soaring Our Lady of Lebanon shrine. Adventure seekers can also look forward to paragliding here!


Lebanon tourism
Sunset, Downtown Beirut
The bustling capital city of Lebanon, Beirut is a lively sea-facing hub buzzing with world-class restaurants and hotels, thrilling nightlife, tastiest of food, soft-sand beaches, incredible shopping avenues, soaring mountains, and more!

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Ancient Ruins

Lebanon in pictures
Ruins of Jupiter temple and the great court of Heliopolis in Baalbek, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon
Located in Beqaa valley, about 85 kms northeast of Beirut, the city of Baalbek is home to some of the most best and most famous Roman ruins in all of Lebanon. These include ancients masterpieces like the massive carved stones of Baalbek, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Venus, the Temple of Bacchus (Roman God of wine) and more!

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