Lights, Camera, Albania! 10 images that will make you go weak at...

Lights, Camera, Albania! 10 images that will make you go weak at your knees

Theth Village, Albania
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From the coastal town of Ksamil to the historical city of Berat – Albania is gaining immense popularity amongst those who are on a constant lookout for an offbeat destination. Budget-friendly, out-of-the-world scenery, and most importantly, less crowded - this European country is too good to be true! On the occasion of World Photography Day (August 19), rather than talking about the done-to-death destinations, we bring you a new, stunning click-worthy hot-spot! Check out these 10 images of Albania that will make you go weak at your knees and bring out the photographer in you! Happy clicking!

1. Valbonë

Places to visit in Albania - Valbonë A picturesque village with a high and wild mountainous region – Valbonë is the most scenic way to start your Albanian journey. The valley in the Accursed Mountains is a favourite among hikers, and is a photographer's delight.

2. Berat

Best time to visit - Berat, Albania
St. Trinity Church
Nicknamed as the “City of thousand windows”, Berat is 'the' place to see, especially to capture the stunning Albanian and Ottoman architecture. A listed UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city is for those who treasure antiquity. The 13th century Berat Castle and the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae are not to be missed while touring the city.

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3. Lin

Must-see places in Albania - Lin This pretty village situated on the shores of Lake Orchid is a great place to increase your Instagram fan base. A quiet fishing village, Lin takes you back in time with its cobbled, narrow lanes and its rustic feel.

4. Theth

Things to do in Theth Valley, Albania The village of Theth might be small with only a handful of residents, but it offers some of the most amazing views in the country, and terrific hiking opportunities! Surrounded by dramatic waterfalls, the magnificent Grunas Canyon, and the expansive Thethi National Park –  this village is ideal to get some breath-taking pictures.

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5. Llogara Pass

Albania Tourism - Llogara pass The scenic drive through the Llogara Pass will leave you spell-bound. At a height of 1,027 m, the winding road offers a view that you have only dreamt of. As you ascend and reach the top, the drive presents you with splendid views of the Albanian Riviera on one side and staggering mountains on the other! Keep your camera handy, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

6. Krujë

Albania holidays - Krujë The birthplace of Skanderbeg, Albania’s national hero, Krujë is a historical town topped with some remarkable scenery; the architecture and old stone houses are frame worthy. The view of the Adriatic Sea from the medieval Krujë castle is truly breathtaking!

7. Accursed Mountains

Albania vacation - Accursed Mountains Nature photographers can look forward to some surreal shots in the Albanian Alps. Forming a border between Albania and Montenegro, the Accursed Mountains offer stunning views of the alpine region. It’s a pure treat for the eyes, as you go along hiking in the mountains, discovering the blissful landscape and quaint villages.

8. Ksamil

Visit Albania - Ksamil The splendid coastal town of Ksamil is made up of three dream-like islands. One of Albania’s popular destinations, Ksamil boasts of crystal-clear waters, dozens of beach-side restaurants and bars, and all-year-round Mediterranean climate! This gem of the Albanian Riviera is abundant with great photo opportunities.

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9. Gjirokastra

places to see in Albania - Gjirokastra Known for it's fine Ottoman architecture, the city of Gjirokastra has a beautiful setting amidst snow-kissed mountains and valleys. Cobbled streets, century-old houses, and the Gjirokastër Castle – this hillside town has enough nooks and corners for your picture-perfect shots.

10. Blue Eye / Syri i Kaltër

Must-see places of Albania - Blue eye, Albania If you are an avid photographer, this magnificent water spring should be on your must-see list. Head to southern Albania to witness the intensely clear blue water jutting out from the earth’s crust. And, if you care for a dive in the mind-numbing cold water, you are more than welcome to take the plunge!
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