Manama Food and its Must-Try Dishes: Best of Bahrain!

Manama Food and its Must-Try Dishes: Best of Bahrain!

The Bahraini cuisine is a compilation of various cuisines from around the Middle East, as well as other nearby countries, such as India and the Philippines. The food of Manama, the capital city of Bahrain, is famed for its global offerings, with food from any destination of the world available here for connoisseurs.

Breakfast like a King in Bahrain: Manama Food Options

Mexican burritos with beef, rice, black beans, and vegetables, with a cheese sauce, chili peppers
Planning for breakfast in Bahrain? Manama is the place to be! There are plenty of restaurants and cafés that serve up a storm of breakfasts from all over the world. From fresh, fluffy appams of India to spongy Spanish omelets, from full English breakfast to spicy burritos, you can breakfast like a king in Manama. Most restaurants serve breakfast, but it is always better to sit in a café and watch the word go by as you bite into a spongy croissant from the bakery next door. Don’t forget to try out the fresh baked delicacies of Café Lilou for a taste of authentic Parisian pastry in Manama. Apart from serving probably the best breakfast in Bahrain, Café Lilou also offers delicious snacks and starters. There are also baked sandwiches here, which are a must try and a very popular snack in the evenings. Places such as Camelot and Upstairs Downstairs offer options for fine dining like no other. From sixteen course meals to simple lentil stews, these restaurants in Manama can give the finest European establishments a run for their money.

Manama Food: Choose from any Cuisine!

Frying pan with delicious chicken tikka masala on napkin
For those who just cannot have enough of Oriental dishes, The Rice Bowl is the perfect pick. This restaurant offers not just decadent Chinese delicacies, but authentic Indian dishes too. From kung pao chicken to chicken tikka masala, The Rice Bowl is the perfect restaurant to visit. For the perfect steak in all of Manama, just head to the bohemian neighbourhood, Adilya, which offers a bunch of global cuisines, as well as popular rib-eye steaks. For lovers of sushi, sashimi and all things Japanese, the Maki Restaurant in the town centre is a welcome respite. The restaurant is very popular among lovers of authentic Japanese dishes. As you can see, Manama food is all about diversity, with some quirky twists thrown in from old Bahraini recipes giving it an altogether different flavor.

Fast Food options in Manama, Bahrain

Fresh falafel balls on a wooden cutting board
Fast food in Bahrain is also a major attraction for food lovers, with street food lending a lot of options. From kebabs to shawarma stands, from doughnut stalls to carts selling grilled sandwiches, from fluffy rice cakes to chilled coconut water, fast food in Bahrain will surely leave you wanting for more. Try some of the falafel from Just Felafel, a very popular eatery doing a brisk business of falafels and kebabs. There is a good choice of dips to go with your choice of bread, so there are plenty of flavors to choose from. For Mexican street food, the best place to go would be to El Gringo or the Calexico, both offering stunning choices of authentic dishes from Mexico. For trying out world food and having several options to choose from, visit the local markets. There are generally plenty of stalls and carts that sell quick fixes before dinner. Food City, Manama is a very popular eatery in the city, with locals and tourists alike flocking to it.
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