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The sun sparkled as the fading sun kissed it goodbye for the day, the waves played a game of their own... a few raced to touch the shore first, while others were just happy bumping into each other and falling down like little children. The breeze was uninterrupted and the beach was unusually quiet and why not! I had chosen it wisely... Of all places I could go... I chose the lesser-known island of the Mediterranean....

Looks straight out of a book right? Guess what! The author could be you!

If your heart is longing for a vacation but you would not want to travel to the ‘cliché getaways’, here is list of relatively untouched islands of Mediterranean countries.

Book your next flight and prod your inner self to write a story which was waiting to be told. These exotic locations would do the rest.

Bozcaada ,Turkey


Home to about 2000 odd people, Bozcaada is an island of Turkey in the north-eastern part of the Aegean Sea. The beautiful island is relatively inhabited and mostly covered by acres of maquis shrubland, pine woods, and vineyards. ‘One of the most promising wine destinations of Turkey’, the island is known for its grapes and red poppies.

Susak Sansego ,Croatia

Sansego! Does it ring any bell, pizza lovers? Yes, it means ‘oregano’, which grows in abundance on the island. If you are looking for plenty of sunshine, endless blue waters, wine and fresh fish, Susak Sansego would not disappoint you. A ferry ride away from Mali Lošinj, island of Susak is situated in the Northern Adriatic.

Chrissi Island, Greece


Day dreaming, swimming, trekking or simply loosing yourself in the largest naturally formed Lebanon cedar forest in Europe, you could choose to do one or all of these at the Chrissi Island, which is one of the 81 uninhabited isles around the island of Crete. Apart from the beach-y qualities, the island is also full of cedars trees which are as old as 300 years. The density is approximately 28 trees per hectare.

Iles Sanguinaries , France

What could be the highest tribute one could give to a place? Perhaps, it’s a desire to be buried there…and when it comes from someone as mighty as Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte, you know you would need to sit up and take a notice of this hauntingly beautiful archipelago of the Sanguinaires.

­­­­Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba, Tunisia

The largest island of Africa and fastest growing tourist attraction (but, not yet!) Djerva is situated in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia. The theory of ‘great things come in small packages’ holds true for Djerba, as this exotic island is spread in little over 500 square kilometres and yet there is no dearth of recreational activities here. From adventure sports to fishing, there is so much one could indulge in.

Formentera, Spain

If Ibiza is too loud for you, take a Mediterranean vacation to its comparatively lesser-known sister island, Formentera in Spain. A popular destination for hippies in the 1960s, the island has also seen celebrities like Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan frequenting this place. Due to the flat nature of most of the island, and the availability of dedicated cycle tracks in many locations, tourists prefer to rent mopeds or bicycles to explore the beauty of this place.

Cephalonia, Greece


If you are looking for an adventurous Mediterranean island vacation, Cephalonia Island in Greece would be apt. Located in the heart of an earthquake zone, the island has a rich biodiversity, with a significant number of endemic and rare species. Do not miss out on checking the Melissani Lake, the Drogarati caves, and the Koutavos Lagoon in Argostoli while you are here.

Kos, Greece

The beauty of Kos Island lies in it being a perfect blend of laidback village scene and of a place where you could party all night thanks to many bars and clubs. Make sure you visit the most popular beach in Kos, the Paradise beach; a long, beautiful sandy beach. There are sun beds, water sports and is a good place for families with children.

Hvar, Croatia


Where does Tom Cruise drop in for a pizza? Where is Giorgio Armani’s favourite restaurant? Where does Prince Harry prefer taking an impromptu swim? ‘Hvar’, a Croatian Island in the Adiatric Sea is the place to be. Often in news for celebrity appearances, it is the anonymity and freedom that makes Hvar such an attractive destination. A fun fact about Hvar?  If you give birth on a Jadrolinija ferry from Hvar, your child will travel free on the ferries for life!

Linosa, Italy

Want to see Mars, without actually going there? Take a trip from Rome to Linosa, where it feels like touching down on a different planet, altogether. Linosa is one of the Pelagie Islands in the Sicily Channel of the Mediterranean Sea and home to loggerhead turtles. The island's main village is a bunch of low-rise pink and green dwellings, while the beach is jet black with yellow and red layers.