7 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Trip

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Trip

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Planning A Trip
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Holidays are all about taking a break from work, family-time or “me-time,” exploring a new city, indulging in adventure and rejuvenate. So there is always a possibility even after being aware and noting down certain travelling tips, that something goes wrong! After some research and many real-life experiences a few rules of the thumb, if we may call them, of travelling have been established. These are mistakes we usually make while planning our holidays and the best way to overcome them.   Plan your trip the right way!

Being rigid about travelling days and peak time travelling

  Travelling on particular days via flights or trains is much more expensive as compared to others. Booking tickets for a Friday or Sunday is always going to be double the usual rate. So it is wise to be flexible with the travelling dates and having room to shift the dates by a couple of days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the most economical days to travel. Another issue is travelling during peak season - It means delayed flights/trains, expensive hotels and long queues! Planning can be made efficient by travelling a day or two before which will mean the flights depart on time or visiting an adventure park on a weekday instead of a weekend. Hidden costs does play a small role in the finances of a trip

Ignoring hidden costs

  While chalking down a budget, most of us forget to add in hidden costs. Hotels, flights and even rentals are quite shrewd at times, billing us for charges that would never occur to us. Be sure to calculate unforeseen charges such as service tax, tips, ATM fees and internet charges. It is probably best to make a separate pool of money for these hidden costs. Trying to fit too many things in a day can cause multitudes of problems.

Doing too much in too less a time

  Yes, we don’t go on holidays that often and yes, we are spending millions on our trip. But this does not mean that the itinerary is bursting out of its capacity! The most important thing to remember is that it is relaxation time. Might as well travel to three cities and explore them well, rather than just play touch and go to five cities. It is not only a waste of money, but also time and energy.  

Mobile charges

  Any national mobile provider’s charges for international roaming are sky-high! Real-life instances have been reported where consumers are charged up to $1000 merely for switching on their cellphone to send a couple of text messages. The most practical option is to purchase a local prepaid number. These local numbers offer reasonable call rates and even economical packages for international calling. Not only that, the local providers offer mobile internet at pleasingly cheap rates.  

Travelling without Medical Insurance

  Having a medical insurance in hand is just as important as a visa. It is always recommended as any accident in a foreign land, small or big, is going to burn a big hole in one’s wallet! Carrying unwanted luggage could create loads of problems such as extra charges on flights.

Packing Irrationally

  Although most people do not follow this rule and dump half their wardrobe into a suitcase, it is quite an unreasonable thing to do. Not only do they have to lug around these heavy bags, but also pay a hefty amount for it! Airlines don’t spare these unplanned and unreasonable packers charging a hefty charge of $100 for one overweight bag! Therefore, pack wisely and save some cash to party at the destination!  

Being unaware about transport

  Always research on how to get about the city of visit. More often than not, we hear a couple of tips from people who have visited the place before us and rely on those judgments. Studying about the transport system in advance gives one a sense of security and confidence. Many a times, it is possible to book tickets for local travelling online before reaching the destination.   In the current scenario being flexible is the wisest way to go. While making any travel plans, be as open to ideas as possible because there are a plethora of choices to pick from; all of which are capable of making a trip as memorable!
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