Montenegrin Food – Hearty Delicacies from the Adriatic

Montenegrin Food – Hearty Delicacies from the Adriatic

Black Risotto, Montenegro food
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Montenegro stuns its visitors with variety. Plenty of it. From soaring mountains to sublime lakes and bronze beaches, the charm of Montenegrin landscapes is perfected by an equally irresistible gastronomy, offering more than what your senses can ask for. From divine cheeses to drool-worthy seafood to zestful desserts, Montenegrin food is as classic and legendary as the country itself! Here are 12 essential Montenegrin foods that you need to discover while traveling to this tiny gem of the Adriatic.

Cevapcici (Kebab)

Cevapcici KebabIf you like Kebabs, this delicious dish is just what you’re looking for. Commonly found all over the Balkans, Cevapcici comprises of grilled minced meat, best savoured with fries and salad.

Punjena Paprika

Punjena Paprika Montenegro Food If you have a thing for bell peppers, Punjena Paprika might pique your fancy. This mind-blowing delicacy consists of Bell peppers stuffed with a tantalising mix of rice and minced meat in a tangy tomato sauce.

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Kacamak Montenegrin cuisine Prepared using corn meal, supplemented with potatoes or white cheese, Kacamak is a delicious Balkan version of a maize porridge, considered to have originated from Kolasin.

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Njeguski Steak

Montenegrin Cuisine Pork stuffed with cheese and ham, Njeguski steak is a sheer delight for hardcore carnivores.


Food in Montenegro Popularly referred to as Goulash, Gulas is a classic recipe, essentially a soup or stew of vegetables and meat, seasoned with spices and paprika.

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Montenegrin Cuisine A dish made of grape leaves, cabbage, or chard leaves rolled around a lip-smacking filling of minced meat.


Montenegro Food Love baked beans? This Balkan version of baked beans is an absolute must-try when visiting this gorgeous nation of the Adriatic.


Montenegrin Cuisine Montenegrins love their dessert and Bajadera is something they can’t get enough of! Found in either cake or chocolate form, three layers of chocolate and one layer of almonds and hazelnuts make up these delightful pralines.


Priganice In simple words – Montenegrin donuts! Best relished with honey, jam, a cup of tea and a view of Montenegro’s soaring mountainscape, these balls of fried dough are heavenly, to say the least!

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Black Risotto

Black Risotto, Montenegro food Prepared using squid and squid ink, this dish might be a tad intimidating to look at, but is sumptuous to the core! Topped with heaps of parsley and garlic, Black Risotto is a true Montenegrin delight for seafood diggers.


Named after a plant that goes by the same name, Rastan is one of the most popularly cooked meals in Montenegro. Authentically Montenegrin, Rastan is a type of dark green cabbage, prepared with potatoes and spices, fused with stew or smoked meat.

Karadjordjeva Steak

Food of Montenegro With its origins in Serbia, this mouthwatering delicacy packs a yummy punch with a heavenly combination of meat, eggs, flour, cheese, and breadcrumbs, usually enjoyed with lemon, tartar sauce, fries, and boiled green beans.