Mother’s Day 2016: Weekend Getaways

Mother’s Day 2016: Weekend Getaways

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 ‘A mother can take place of all others, but whose place no one else can take’.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Mother’s Day is less than a month away and if you haven’t already thought of how to express gratitude to the ‘most loved’ yet most taken-for-granted person on the earth – here is some help. Mother’s day gifts are passé, and we can’t really cajole her to take a day off to go for a salon-spa routine. So what does that leave us with? Not much! But then as we said – here is some help!

We have compiled a list of awesome-st places you could send your mommy to (Psst… you could even tag along with her! How can you send her alone, right?), this Mother’s Day 2016.

The places have been selected especially keeping in mind varied interests; from shopping, luxury, relaxation to adventure depending on what your mom’s mood is like!

Hope you have as much fun planning your trip as we have had in zeroing in on these destinations for you and your Mamma bear.

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Mother’s day 2016 – Luxury

Johannesburg – South Africa

mothers day 2016 getaway

Whisk your mom off to a well-deserved luxury holiday to Johannesburg, the South African city that is sparkling, cosmopolitan and affluent. Johannesburg or Jozi or Jo’burg, is the largest city in South Africa and provincial capital of Gauteng, which by the way is the wealthiest province in South Africa.

It offers its visitors an alluring array of restaurants, world-class shopping centres and stylish designer boutiques – along with fresh and breezy botanical gardens and luscious parks dotted among its modern amenities.

Mother’s day 2016 – Shopping


mothers day 2016 getaway

Remember the time when your mother used to visit countless shops hunting for your favourite clothes? Time to return back the favour. Take your mom to the haute couture powerhouse, Milan, where fashion trends jump from the catwalk to clothes rails literally in weeks. Check out the Milan Street that looks like a photo shoot for Italian Vogue, if you don’t believe us!

Momma is not into branded stuff or thinks it is a waste of money? Show her the local markets that are literally flooding with awesome, high quality clothes at much lesser price tag. Keep room for funky shopping bags, jewellery, cosmetics and hats which are as sought after as the clothes here!

Mother’s day 2016 – Gastronomy

Indiamothers day 2016 getaway

Mom’s food is the best food. PERIOD. Like no one can even argue about that. But, even the greatest chef on the earth deserves a break and should be taken for a gastronomic journey. Best destination you ask?


Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes, with cooking style that varies from region to region – from stuffed dry fruit parantha at Delhi, Pav Bhaji in Mumbai, Vada pao in Pune, steamed Idlis in Bengaluru to mutton Biryani in Hyderabad and more! You can literally follow trail of mind-blowing food all through the country. Tell us, if there is any better way of exploring a country?

Mother’s day 2016 – Adventure

New Zealand

mothers day 2016 getaway

What is life, if not an adventure?

If you have done sightseeings, shopping and relaxation all these years, treat Mommy dearest to an adventurous day where she could skydive, bungee-jump, rock-climb, go on a hike – all of it, while savouring the classic scenic beauty of New Zealand.

Its autumn in New Zealand, which is not only the most beautiful time to visit this beautiful country but also the quietest.

Mother’s day 2016 – Relaxation


mothers day 2016 getaway

To say our mommies are over-worked is an understatement. If it is not the daily routine of feeding her kids, sending them off to school, colleges or offices, keeping up with social contacts, and then cooking again – our moms are also overthinking, overanalysing, and over-worrying about something or the other. Such superwomen do deserve special pampering, and what could be better than taking them to Bali’s picturesque spas where you could easily craft a full itinerary around day spas for them. An oiled-up acupressure massage, followed by flower petal baths along with manicure and pedicure, sounds like bliss? It surely is!

Mandara Spa, Jamu spa at Alam KulKul Boutique Resort, The Spa at The Legian Bali, Shine Spa for Sheraton are few of the renowned names. A small tip – they are overbooked for most part of the year, it would be wise if you could be a little quick and make reservations right away!