Movies That Inspire You To Travel..

Movies That Inspire You To Travel..

Movies That Inspire You To Travel
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Under The Tuscan Sun

Place: Italy

Premise: The story revolves around Frances’, the protagonist, who is recuperating from a bitter divorce. After being encouraged by her friends, she decides to take up this bus tour to the most romantic country of the world, Italy. She, eventually, ends by buying a rural Tuscan villa on a whim and starts her life afresh.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: Stock up pasta and red wine as you settle down to be teleported to the gorgeous land of Italy.




Place: Santa Barbara County, California

Premise: This academy-award winning movie is about two friends; an aspiring writer and the other is a soon-to-be-married actor who take a road trip through Santa Ynez Valley wine country and end up begin romantically involved with two local women.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: If you are a wine aficionado like Miles Raymond in the movie, you might want to pour yourself a glass of ‘Philipp Togini’ the very best of the Napa Valley wines and grab a plate of assorted cheese along with crackers.



500 Days of Summer

Place: Los Angeles

Premise: This movie is not necessarily perceived as a travel movie, but if you observe closely, it takes you to the lesser known parts of the city, like Downtown LA and the Silver Lake. It is a romantic tale of an architect-turned-writer who takes his girlfriend on a grand tour of the architecture and culture of Los Angeles.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: Bake yourself a Lemon-Ricotta Pancake, settle down with a cola and a ‘kerchief, just in case, you get teary eyed.


Zindagi na milegi dobara (Bollywood)

Place: Spain

Premise: Bollywood’s answer to the Hangover, the movie is predictably about a bachelor’s trip. Three friends unite after a decade to fulfil their college promise to take a trip to Spain and indulge in one adventure sport of each’s liking. The movie is shot at the classic locals of Spain: Costa Brava, Seville, and Pamplona. Spain tourism is said to have shot up considerably after the movie was released.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: This movie is best enjoyed with your closest buddies. Organise karaoke night with a typical Indian dinner of butter chicken, dal makhni and naans and sing along: “Zindagi na milegi dobara…”  (Translation: You won’t get this life again)…



The Beach

Place: Thailand

Premise: Leonardo, a twenty something backpacker from US, lands on the paradisiacal land of Thailand and stumbles onto a strange map that is rumoured to lead to a solitary beach paradise. Intrigued and with adventure on his mind, Leonardo and his gang sets to find it.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: Gorge on a spicy Thai meal with your gang as you gulp down the Singha. It is almost a challenge to savour the sparkling sands and virginal waters of Thai and not to dream of your next vacation.



Into the Wild

Place: Alaska

Premise:  No travel movie list is complete without the mention of this legendary movie which created quite a stir when it was released. Christopher who is a top student and athlete, gives up everything that he owns: his material possessions, his riches, and a promising career and sets out on a journey to the Alaskan wilderness.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: Disconnect all the gadgets, draw the curtains, go as basic as you can to celebrate the jest of the movie as you feast on the healthy diet of fresh fruits and juices, sprouts and nuts, salad, etc.



Place: Europe

Premise: This is an unconventional Bollywood movie where a girl re-discovers herself without losing her identity, with a backdrop of Amsterdam, Paris and the typical mysterious lanes of New Delhi. If you have ever dreamt of taking a solo trip but could never found the courage, this movie will help you find some.

How to get into mood of travel and movie: Golgappas (watery bread!) to pizzas to French toasts; you could tease your taste buds with either with one or all of the delicacies as you see the shy Rani (the chief protagonist) transforming into a confident lass ready to take on the world.