10 Must-See Stunning Game of Thrones Locations!

[Video] 10 Must-See Stunning Game of Thrones Locations!

The show that has managed well to keep everyone on tenterhooks, is back with yet another gripping season, that premiered today across the world!. Impeccable piece of writing with larger than life characters, brilliant ensemble cast, and never-seen-before gorgeous locales has made Game of Thrones what it is today. Mind-blown after watching GOT Season 8, Episode 1? Now take a look at these REAL locations where some epic Game of Thrones scenes were shot! They're all on our #travelbucketlist! Are you a #GOT fan? Which of these real locations would YOU want to visit? Let us know! The King’s Landing was shot in Croatia, the Iron Island's stark locale was actually Northern Ireland, Beyond the Wall was brought to life in Iceland, the slave city of Yunkai was set in Morocco and many more such stunning locations were depicted through out the previous 7 episodes of GOT. We're sure the 8th season is going to give us more #travelgoals! Time to take your pick and head out to experience the sensational destinations that are associated with this epic television series.

VIDEO:10 Must-See Stunning Game of Thrones Locations!

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