5 Must Visit Places of Mauritius

5 Must Visit Places of Mauritius

Jaw-dropping landscape – check, plenty of things to do – check, delicious spread of food – check, upcoming festive season – check. Mauritius, the quaint little nation in the mighty Indian Ocean, has all elements that construe a perfect holiday.

It is not only the excellent beaches that lure travellers to this magical land, but also the plenty of things to explore and places to see. With so many things to do in Mauritius, tourists more often than not are left spoilt for choices.

Check out our list of must visit places of Mauritius, and tell us which one you would like to explore first!

1. Chamarel – The Rainbow on the Earth

Chamarel, Mauritius

A popular tourist place, Chamarel, is a small area of strikingly bare landscape comprising of sand of seven distinct colours. The multi-coloured land is a natural phenomenon and one of the best things to do in Mauritius for it provides a glimpse into one of the amazing geological wonders of the world.  A great place for photo-ops, this place also sees lots of visitors who come here for a day picnic.

2. Go Hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park!

The stunning view of Black River Gorge National Park in the background

3. Hang out at Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis, Mauritius

Find time to explore the gorgeous capital city of Mauritius – Port Louis and explore its prodigious, iconic hotspots right from the Fort Adelaide, to Blue Penny Museum, to St. James Cathedral, Central Market, to the Natural History Museum and Caudan Waterfront etc. Its downtown streets, well-maintained colonial houses, ethnic quarters give the onlookers glimpses of various cultures borrowed from Middle East, Europe, and India etc.

Best time to visit Mauritius!

4. Visit Ile Aux Cerfs!

Ile Aux Cerfs, Mauritius

Famous for its white sandy beaches, beautiful blue lagoon and plenty of entertaining activities on, a visit to Ile Aux Cerfs (Deer Island) is something you can’t miss out while vacationing in Mauritius. If you are looking for a fun-filled day at one of the idyllic Mauritian beaches, this private island fits the bill. Explore some peaceful and secluded coves to relax as you take a short walk along the main beach. Mauritian golfing with a backdrop of a gorgeous lagoon is one experience that stays with you even after you are long gone from this beautiful place.

5. Curious Corner of Chamarel

Suitable for all age groups, the Curious Corner of Chamarel, is a distinct attraction of Mauritius. If you are a fan of quirky, this place will definitely amuse you. Check out its 40 exhibits set in 5000 sq. metres and be ready to be physically challenged with the riddles and artifices as soon as you walk in. This fascinating world of optical illusions will leave you flabbergasted but the fun is unbeatable for sure.
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