Goa Nightlife
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‘There are two kinds of people who visit Goa – the ones who love it AND the ones who despise it!’

Yes, some people actually do that, too! Take this as no exaggeration: Goa has as many fervent haters as it has crazy admirers. Surprisingly, even though the numbers of lovers and haters keeps fluctuating on either sides, Goa tourism is always on an upward swing. And, why not, love Goa or hate it, you are bound to take a trip to this place at least once in your life, just to experience what the fuss is all about! Before I go on and write about my trip to Goa, I have to confess – I am not a beach person. Even though I may gladly suffer the mighty ocean; the whole package of sand, sunny climate, and seafood is not my idea of a perfect vacation. Coaxed by my friends to give this popular tourist destination another chance, I reluctantly agreed to be a part of this sojourn on one condition - we would explore this vibrant state only by night, and do something out of routine – no nightclubs, no discos whatsoever! Taking this challenge head on, I was taken to these mind-blowing places and boy, was I floored? I would be lying, if I said no!

Saturday Night Flea Markets

Night Market of Goa While shopaholics will be elated, ones who put on their running shoes at the mention of S-word will convert! Yes, that’s the charm of overnight flea markets of Goa. Open every Saturday evening from 6pm until late night, this sprawling market is located in Arpora and sells everything from shoes to carpets to herbs to home decoration items to clothes. Not only that the spacious food court, live music performances with people from all over the world, and dedicated parking attendants make your life tad easier and happier.  Also, Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar, the less glamorous version of this extravaganza lies a little ahead along the Baga beach. Even though, the crowd, there is relatively small but yummy food, music and a variety of things to shop; more than makes up for it.

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Stargazing On the Beach All Night in Goa

The boundless ocean, the sound of naughty waves, and the clear sky lit by countless stars – if this is not bliss what is? On a weary day, when you are exhausted physically/ mentally or both, all you want to do is to get away from the rut, without getting away. Take a walk with your bestie or your loved ones at any of the Goan beaches and experience the power of zen-like calm. Worried about safety? Unless you are being too adventurous and have chosen a secluded beach (a rather unknown one!), you are safe!

Party Cruises

Trust the party cruises to help you spend a memorable night, complete with finger-licking good food, live music, dancing as you cruise along the Mandovi River, Panjim. A fun alternative to discos, pubs, or shacks – party cruises offer a different experience altogether. The river/ocean party cruises can be enjoyed at different times in a day. I recommend opting for an evening outing when the sun is bidding adieu to the golden sands of Goa, and when the breeze is gentle and the climate is cool. Fancy something more intimate? Hire a luxury yacht and cruise all the way from Mapusa River upto Mandovi River.

The Beach Shacks

Goa Nightlife Tasty food, lively atmosphere and intoxicating mocktails - that’s all you need by your side to make the most of the night. The beach shacks of Goa do more than justice to this arrangement. Spread all over the beaches, these beach shacks are for everyone – right from  couples, hippies, youngsters and solo-travellers.  Head to the popular joint – ‘Curlies’ located a little ahead of Anjuna beach, a rustic shack known for its lip-smacking Goan dishes, drinks, hukkah, terrific sea view and the fact that it is open as late as 3 AM. Happy Morning, I say!

Bike Ride to Experience Charm of Goa at Night

Do you know when a place is most vocal? At night - when all its flashiness is fading away, leaving behind the inherent rawness, the real self - to be searched, analyzed, dissected and digested. Goa, at every few kilometers will surprise you with its varied culture, architecture and people. There is a lot to see and lot to understand; simply get hold of a bike (on rent) and get set to explore Goa - como isso é!