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Johannesburg, the vibrant cosmopolitan city of South Africa, is one of the greenest and largest cities in the world. Dotted with all the right elements that attracts tourists from all over the globe, no wonder, Johannesburg tourism is seeing a massive boom. With a massive variety of things to do in Johannesburg and places to see, Johannesburg is climbing the ladder of popularity quite quickly.

Check the beauty of Joburg or Jozi or eGoli (the city of gold) and learn interesting facts about it, which will compel you to book your flight tickets to Johannesburg right now!

My trip to Johannesburg: Johannesburg in pictures

Heard of the famous foot tapping ‘Kwaito music’? The one with soulful lyrics? This catchy genre of African house music was born in Johannesburg in 90s and has since become a South African phenomenon.


Gold Mining at Johhanesburg

A few decades ago, Johannesburg was a gold-mining town, hence the name also known as the City of Gold, or ‘eGoli’.


Hillbrow Tower, Johannesburg

The Hillbrow Tower is the tallest structure in Johannesburg standing at 269m high. The landmark dominates the skyline of Johannesburg and is visible from almost every part of the city.


Johannesburg Forests

With 10 million thriving trees, Johannesburg is the world’s largest man-made forest. Best part is that this number is set to grow, as ‘City Parks’ as launched the ‘Greening Soweto’ project in the year 2006.


Johannesburg Skyscrapers

Beginning from a tented camp to a town of tin shanties to 4-storey Edwardian brick buildings to finally the mighty skyscrapers, the city of Johannesburg has been rebuilt as many as 4 times.


Johannesburg Zoo

The famous ‘Johannesburg Zoo’ located in Parktown, is over 100 years old.


Man made forest of Jo'burg

If being largest man-made forest was not enough, there are about 2343 parks, 15 bird sanctuaries and 22 nature reserves, in and around Joburg.

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