10 Netflix travel series to feed your wanderlust while Coronavirus keeps you...

10 Netflix travel series to feed your wanderlust while Coronavirus keeps you homebound

Netflix Travel Series to Watch while Quarantined - Feature
Had to cancel or postpone your travel plans due to the pandemic? We feel you! Being a travel community and travel enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how upsetting cancelling plans can be! But while we are stuck in our homes quarantining, there still are ways to give in to our love for travel, thanks to Netflix! 

10 Netflix travel series that will feed your wanderlust!

1. Somebody Feed Phil

The creator of the super-funny show "Everybody Loves Raymond", Philip Rosenthal takes a leap of faith and travels across the globe and indulges in delectable cuisines and cultures of the places he goes to. You will see Phil wandering around in Venice, Dublin, Cape Town, New York City, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, Lisbona and a few more cities!

IMDB Rating - 8.1
Seasons - 2 seasons (or as he calls it "The Second Course"), 12 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Somebody Feed Phil
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2. Tales By Light - A Netflix travel series on travel photography

Are you someone who takes an interest in travel photography? This one's going to blow your mind and develop a new-found respect for travel photographers! 5 adventurous photographers from Australia and North America show you what exactly it takes to capture the beauty of the world through a camera lens. Watch this show and get creative insights and perspective in travel photography!

IMDB Rating - 8.3
Seasons - 3 seasons, 18 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Tales By Light
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3. Dark Tourist - A dark tourism show on Netflix

As you can gather by the name, you are served with what's promised! This one is not for the light-hearted! Renowned journalist David Farrier signs up for this spooky journey as he visits the most bizarre and mysterious places in the world. He courageously explores radioactive towns, war zones, disaster-prone areas and haunted places. Mexico to Fukushima, it gets as dark as it can!

IMDB Rating - 7.6
Seasons - 1 season, 8 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Dark Tourism
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4. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner - Netflix travel show with celebrity guests

For all those with a knack for discovering food and culture while travelling the world, "Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner" is just the show for you! The famous TV show host, restaurateur, author and chef, David Chang goes to different, exotic parts of the world to explore their culture and most importantly, their FOOD, and takes adventurous, foodie celebrities along with him!

IMDB Rating - 6.7
Seasons - 1 season, 4 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
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5. Conan Without Borders

The beloved world-famous TV show host Conan O' Brien travels the world in his own funny way! His Netflix special 'Conan Without Borders' shows his usual witty sense of humour as he traverses mind-blowing destinations like Cuba, Israel, Haiti and Korea!

IMDB Rating - 7.3
Seasons - 1 season, 6 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Conan Without Borders
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6. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes

Okay hand to God, this is a lifestyle and luxury show first but a travel show at its heart! But it is addictive! The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes shows us architectural wonders of the world from Los Angeles, New Zealand and Greece. It also captures a few bits from Japan and Holland. The show is hosted by architect Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, a British actor.

IMDB Rating - 7.5
Seasons - 2 seasons, 12 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - The World's Most Extraordinary Homes
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7. The Kindness Diaries - A Netflix travel series that fuels on kindness!

All we need in the world is compassion and humanity towards each other. Leon Logothetis travels the world on his yellow vintage motorcycle without any money in his pocket! He travels completely on the kindness bestowed on him by total strangers who generously help him with food, accommodation and sometimes even transit. It is truly a beautiful show that highlights the fact that kindness isn't dead!

IMDB Rating - 8.1
Seasons - 1 season, 13 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - The Kindness Diaries
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8. The Calling - A Netflix reality-travel competition!

Bored of the usual reality TV? Try 'reality-travel competition'! Sounds exciting, right!? A unique Netflix series where three 3 travel junkies from India compete against each other while completing travel their bucket lists. What do they win? A scholarship that sponsors their travel for one whole year! Dreamy, isn't it?

IMDB Rating - 6.7
Seasons - 1 season, 8 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - The Calling
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9. Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father - A Netflix travel series

Jake Whitehall decides to hit pause at 28 to make things more interesting by travelling the world. The British comedian decides to have his father tag along who doesn't really enjoy travelling! Follow their hilarious journey as they cover destinations like Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand! Spoiler alert: Be ready for a LOT of dad jokes!

IMDB Rating - 7.7
Seasons - 3 seasons, 13 episodes 

Netflix Travel Series - Travels With My Father
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10. Extreme Engagement - An amazing Netflix travel series

Talk about a fun courtship period! A recently engaged couple decides to travel for a year to explore the significance of marriage and understand wedding customs practised across the world. This journey can make them or break them. Will it tear them apart or bind them together forever? Find out in "Extreme Engagement".

IMDB Rating - 5.4
Seasons - 1 Season, 8 episodes

Netflix Travel Series - Extreme Engagement
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So, watch these awesome travel web series on Netflix and create a destination bucket list. Once we are on the other, happier side of COVID-19, hopefully, you can start visiting your favourite destinations yourself from the shows you like!

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