New York City, I Love You…

New York City, I Love You…

Things to do in New York City
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NYC shopping-High-end designer stores, fashion boutiques, street shopping

NYC is a shopping heaven: High-end designer stores, fashion boutiques, street shopping and much more.

If you love fashion and are willing to spend plenty of time and moolah looking for fabulous and unique pieces of clothing or accessories, NYC is the place to be. On Madison Avenue in Manhattan, you’ll find most of the high-end designer stores like Chanel, Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana. In Midtown Manhattan, you’ll find great luxury department stores like Bergdorf Goodman. Times Square is home to cheaper brands like Aeropostale and Forever 21. Independent stores selling unique and funky clothes are mostly located in Downtown Manhattan and in the other boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens. Some of these stores may be a little pricey, but then how many cities in the world offer such great diversity when it comes to clothing?

Food in NYC-cuisines from all over the world.

Food: NYC offers the eclectic offerings of all the cuisines from all over the world. 24*7.

The city has more than 7,000 restaurants, countless food trucks, hundreds of tiny take-out shops and a large number of 24-hour diners. If you’re craving for kebabs at 3am, you could head to an Indian food truck or maybe find a restaurant on 6th Avenue that serves them. The same goes for Oriental, Italian, Lebanese and other cuisines. Almost all types of cuisines are found in the city, due to its cultural diversity. Therefore, while in New York City, don’t worry about not getting food that suits your palate as there’ll definitely be a place that serves your favourite food!

pizzas in NYC-authentic Italian pizzas.

Pizzas, Pizzas and more authentic Italian pizzas.

I know pizza comes under the topic of food, but NYC’s pizzas deserve a separate mention. Right from authentic Italian thin crust pizza to wacky and exotic types of pizza, NYC has it all. Pizza is available almost everywhere. Generations of Italians have settled in this beautiful city for years now and run amazing pizzerias. A pizzeria that you must visit when in NYC is Grimaldi’s, located under the Brooklyn Bridge. A friend of mine describes the pizza from there as ‘absolutely, insanely delicious’ and recommends Grimaldi’s to all.

 High Line, New York City

The High Line.

The High Line is one on NYC’s best attractions. It is a long, linear park built on a raised part of non-functional New York Central Railroad spur. This park has many attractions and the views from this park are absolutely brilliant. From the High Line, you will be able to see the Hudson River and various parts of the city. The park has several cultural attractions and hosts many temporary installations of different kinds as well. Therefore, if you feel like chilling out, the High Line is one of the best places in the city to relax.

Broadway shows,Times Square,NYC
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 Broadway shows.

New York City is also home to the world renowned Broadway. Broadway shows are considered the best in the world. If you feel like an evening filled with song and dance or are interested in drama, you must watch a play at a Broadway theatre. One of the most famous plays is The Lion King and is a must-watch. Broadway shows are absolutely outstanding and everyone who has watched one has claimed to love it. Therefore, while in New York City, one must take time out to watch one of these amazing shows.

Metropolitan museum of art,NYC
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 NYC has some of the best museums in the world.

Besides having a lot of entertainment avenues, NYC is also home to almost all kinds of museums. If you’re tired of experimenting different cuisines or shopping, and are a fan of art or just like learning new things, you must make a visit to some of the city’s finest museums. For modern art, the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in Manhattan are the ones to visit. If you’re interested in photography, you could visit the International Centre of Photography, which is also located in Manhattan. NYC also has museums like Rose Museum and National Jazz Museum in Harlem, dedicated to the performing arts. If you feel like doing something fun, you could visit Madame Tussauds or the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museums. Science geeks will love the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the American Museum of Natural History. Therefore, one can spend an entire day or even two days visiting New York’s museums and learning new things.

NYC taxi,getting around the city is easy

Getting around the city is very, very easy.

Unlike other cities’ metros, NYC’s subway runs 24/7. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being out late and not getting transport back to your hotel. The subway is efficient and easy to travel by and also, it isnot very expensive. Besides the subway, the city is full of the famous yellow cabs and you are hail a cab even in the middle of the night! You don’t need to worry about getting late or not getting transport to return to your hotel; so just get out and enjoy to the fullest.


NYC Ducks
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NYC Ducks.

Every day, between 10:00am and 4:30pm; a half bus, half boat (NYC Duck) arrives at Times Square every 20 minutes and takes tourists for an unusual tour of the city.  Starting at the famed Times Square, the NYC Ducks take you for an on-land tour of the city and takes you through the streets of the city. After showing you some of New York’s finest attractions on land, the NYC Ducks make their way into the Hudson River, so you are able to see the city’s iconic skyline from there. The NYC Duck Tour is a one of a kind experience and a must try.

empire state building, things to do in NYC


If you’re still bored, then you could do stuff the usual NYC tourist does.

If you have free time and don’t know what to do, don’t be discouraged as NYC still has more to offer. You could walk around Times Square and admire the lights or click pictures with the NYPD cops. You could also go walk around Central Park and watch bands perform or watch people dance. If you like animals, you could visit the Central Park Zoo or feed the ducks in the pond. If you don’t feel like sitting in the park, then you could go up the Rockefeller Centre or the Empire State Building and admire the city from a height. You could also visit the world-famous Statue of Liberty. Ferry rides from Manhattan to Staten Island are free and so, you could just hop on a ferry and enjoy the ride to Staten Island. If you don’t feel like leaving Staten Island soon, you could relax at Battery Park. Coney Island isn’t very far from the city and therefore, you could spend a day there. And if you still don’t feel like going out of Manhattan, you could sit at one of the thousands of coffee shops and just read a book.

Staten Ferry Island Ferry building, New York City, NY, USA


These are some of the things that make New York City a very special city. There may be more to the city that I haven’t discovered as yet and so, I’m looking forward to visiting the city again. There’s so much more to the city than Times Square and the Statue of Liberty and I believe that one must take advantage of that fact. You’ll definitely have a great time in New York City, if you keep exploring it.