Nightlife in Romania: Party till the Sunup!

Nightlife in Romania: Party till the Sunup!


Much has been said about the rugged beauty and cultural heritage of Romania, but what happens when the sun goes down and the museums close? Well, to put it mildly, after the doors to the attractions are locked till next morning, parties that might put the Rio Carnival to shame happen! Loud music, a characteristic of any European nightclub, can be heard streaming out till late at night, and even in the early hours of the morning. The Romanian nightlife is a colourful one, with numerous pubs, bars, discos and clubs at your disposal. Bucharest (including the Bucharest old town nightlife) Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Timișoara are the major cities for it!

Cityscape in Romania

If you are in the mood to paint the town red, then your best bet would be Bucharest. Every sundown, nearly half the city leave their homes, to have a drink, mingle with each other and dance the night away. From upmarket clubs to all-night cafes, from local bars to high-class discotheques, that offer cheap yet delicious snacks, there’s everything for everyone! Silver Church, Control Club and Fratelli Social Club are few of the best clubs in Bucharest. It is also a safe place to enjoy a night-out, as taxis are available throughout the night and the most renowned pubs provide get-home-safe options. 

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Romanian Mode of Transport

Parties, Concerts, Discotheques and More...

In Bucharest, you can get to the different locations offering you diverse nightlife experiences of Romania. For those who want to know Bucharest Clubs and Nightlife prices, clubs such as El Dictator may have a free entry, while some may not, such as Mojo Club. International DJs and artists love to perform here, and insist that the Romanian crowd is one of the best they have ever played to. Some hot spots offer live music, techno parties and karaoke nights whereas others provide a more sophisticated environment. There are also a couple of gentlemen's only nightclubs in Bucharest that work on 'invitation-only' basis. If interested in such a place, befriend a local who is part of that club and cajole them into taking you with them as a guest. Generally, Romanians are friendly people. So, if you ask them nicely, it might not be a problem. The Romanian nightlife is not limited to those with an affinity to serve booze and loud music. Many cafés and restaurants in Romania welcome individuals who are done with loud music and neon lights, and just want to enjoy some delicious dishes and light music. A few restaurants in Bucharest let customers indulge in a lovely dinner, free flowing conversation and soak in the atmosphere around them. 
A swanky Deck Cafe in Bucharest
A swanky Deck Cafe in Bucharest

Concert halls are a good place to enjoy a few hours of cultural nightlife in Romania. Here, you can catch renditions of popular ballet numbers by new artists, or if you are lucky catch the real thing, performed by the masters. Enjoy plays, art movies and operas if you have them in mind for the evening. There are regular music festivals, some held in open air parks and gardens, while others are presented in exhibition centres and event halls. Some of them even have free of charge entry. Make sure to find out all information beforehand and book your tickets in advance. These events tend to fill up soon, especially if you are visiting in the touristy season. Massage centres may not sound like something that could be a part of Romania nightlife, let alone in any other country. However, in Bucharest, some of them are open all night. They are fully equipped with saunas, whirlpools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs and masseuses offering the perfect respite from a packed itinerary. Just lie down and let them work their magic on you. 

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Concert stage setting in Romania

Bucharest is the perfect place to enjoy the nightlife in Romania, not only because it is the capital of the country but also because it has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, when planning a visit to Romania, keep a couple of nights specifically for enjoying and exploring the plethora of nightclubs and bars in Bucharest. However, if you cannot find the time to indulge yourself in Bucharest, then explore the other towns at night. In the university town of Timișoara, the abundance of students ensures that there are plenty of places to hang out till the wee hours of the morning. Same is the case with Cluj-Napoca, another scholarly town Furthermore, at the beach side town of Vama Veche, the late summer parties are all the rage, and attracts travellers and party-goers from all over the world. Apart from Bucharest, there is an abundance of parties and bustling nightlife in Tomisoara, Cluj and lets not forget the Mamaia nightlife and Brasov nightlife. These parties are mostly hosted at the beach, making it an irresistible combination. Apart from these cities, you might be hard-pressed to find dazzling clubs and red-carpet discotheques. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a couple of drinks at a bar or are trying to mingle with the locals at the local club, all of Romania is ideal.

A DJ hosting a trance party in Cluj

Romania is a fun-by-day country, as well as a fun-by-night one, so make the most of it. Remember this:  If you need to wake up early the next day for another destination, turn in early and call it a night before you get too tired.

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