Paragliding in Armenia – Get a Bird’s Eye View!

Paragliding in Armenia – Get a Bird’s Eye View!

Tandem paragliding with an instructor in Armenia near mountains on a cloudy day
Tandem Paragliding in Armenia
How about you explore beautiful Armenia from a different (and definitely more memorable) angle? This country is so mesmerizing that merely touring on foot and sightseeing the city simply does not do justice to its picturesque landscapes! Which is why you need a view from the top, quite literally! Paragliding is gaining immense popularity in Armenia, both as a sport and an adventurous activity for the ones looking for an adrenalin rush. There are a number of groups that offer their expertise through classes, guided tours and tandem flights.

Why is Armenia the perfect place for paragliding?

Aerial view of a monastery on the shores of lake Sevan in Armenia
Get an aerial glimpse of the Hayravank Monastery on the shores of Lake Sevan
  • Armenia has pleasant and flyable weather.
  • A bird's eye view of the Sevan Mountain Range along with the breathtaking view of the Sevan Lake.
  • Armenia is simply picture-perfect!
Just a 20-minute tandem paragliding ride over the magnificent Armenian mountains or the azure waters of Sevan will be an unforgettable aerial experience.

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All you need to know about paragliding in Armenia

Paragliding season in Armenia begins in May and ends in November. The most popular paragliding sites are:
  • Teghenis
  • Aparan
  • Hatis
  • Gutan
  • Sevan
The "Yerevan-Sevan-Gyumri" triangle and the Tavoush region are considered to be the most famous and in-demand paragliding routes/sites.
Aerial view of mountains landscape on cloudy day in Armenia
Glide across the majestic mountains of Armenia!
If you aren't into adventure tourism or if you're not much of a paraglider and don't have the time to become a licensed flyer, no worries! You ask why? Because - Tandem Paragliding! In this, you will be allotted an expert and professional paraglider who will take care of the launch, flight and landing, and all you have to do is ENJOY and take in the moment! The expert paraglider also takes care of checking the weather conditions, ensures maximum safety and most importantly, FUN. So, just take a leap of faith and set off paragliding (with all the essential training and equipment, of course!) Check out our packages for Armenia!

Price of tandem paragliding in Armenia

Some of the famous paragliding groups offer tandem paragliding flights or flights with an instructor for about AED 300 to 400 for a 20-30 minute ride. They might also give you an option of GoPro videos and pictures (with or without additional charges). But if you wish to fly solo, you can do that too! There are groups that teach you the sport in a time span of two weeks and the price ranges from AED 1500 to 2000.

Tandem paragliding with an instructor in Armenia near mountains on a cloudy day
Tandem paragliding - the expert takes care of the launch, ride and landing.
Now that you have decided to glide over Armenia, make sure you are dressed for the occasion! Wear something comfortable, like long pants, hiking shoes or trekking shoes, and you are all set to glide! So, live your superhero fantasy and glide away through the stunning mountains of Armenia! Let go of your fear and do not miss out on this activity! After all, this is the closest you can come to flying!

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