Pearls, Parties, People – Why You Should Visit Bahrain This New Year

Pearls, Parties, People – Why You Should Visit Bahrain This New Year

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Bahrain is a small country. Unlike its neighbors it does not have attractions that have the title of world’s biggest, largest and firsts to its name. However, that does not stop Bahrain from being a huge draw for tourists from the surrounding Middle-Eastern countries. HolidayMe_Bahrain_this-new-years-visit-bahrain-the-party-hub-that-you-want-to-go-to_shutterstock_382321912 Some say the reason is the rich 5000-year old heritage visible throughout the country, while some love the country for the balance it is able to maintain between modern Bahrain and old Bahrain. Liberal and yet traditional – this is what Bahrain appears to be in equal measures. This is what I love about Bahrain, the island of pearls. HolidayMe_Bahrain_this-new-years-visit-bahrain-the-party-hub-that-you-want-to-go-to_shutterstock_358979591

Bahrain Weather usually ranges from 17° C to 34° C.

Here are some of the top things to do in Bahrain that will surely tempt you into visiting this beautiful country this New Year’s!

Top Things To Do In Bahrain:

1. Ready yourself for some serious fun at Wahooo! – the best water park in Bahrain. To top it all, the park is located on the top floor of the best shopping mall in Bahrain, with enough alluring offerings to make everyone’s day. 2. Gaze at the night sky, where you will see so many stars, and so clear, that you will wonder whether it is the first time you’re looking at the starry night. Add to it the backdrop of the cold and dark desert and a sensational bonfire – a memorable experience for sure! 3. A guided tour of the countryside on top of trained Arabian horses – one of the best breeds in the world. This special touch, hands down or rather “hooves down” beats the usual car tours on offer! 4. Jump in, and fasten your seat belts for the ride of your life, at Bahrain International Circuit. Powerful carts, one of the most powerful drag racing machine in the world, an off-road experience in the heart of a desert, radical SR1 and SR3 racing cars, and an open track come together to make your wildest racing dreams a reality. HolidayMe_Bahrain_this-new-years-visit-bahrain-the-party-hub-that-you-want-to-go-to_shutterstock_1392190525. Have a delectable meal while looking out at fantastical views of the shimmering Gulf of Bahrain, from the King Fahd Causeway restaurant. Located right in the middle of the bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, a meal here, especially during sunset, is highly recommended.

Here are some sizzling staycations in Bahrain for you

6. Watch a Bollywood movie at Awal Cinema at Zubara Avenue, Manama. This might take a lot of people by surprise, but believe it or not, Bahrain has a huge spot in its heart for Bollywood cinema! Complete the whole experience by digging into some warm gulab jamun’s from the Indian restaurants located nearby.HolidayMe_Bahrain_this-new-years-visit-bahrain-the-party-hub-that-you-want-to-go-to_shutterstock_2839937727. Pay a visit to the unique yet extremely fascinating “Tree of Life” – the ONLY tree standing amidst a vast desert, which is truly a sight to behold. Get entranced by the imaginative mythical stories that revolve around this famous tree. Interestingly, the phrase ‘Tree of Life’ has been used throughout history by groups as diverse as religion and philosophy.

Not to miss: Enjoy the stunning landscape view of Bahrain from the Gulf of Bahrain. I feel, words fall short to describe this jaw-dropping view!

Restaurants in Bahrain:

  1. Café Lilou (Manama) – A restaurant where you can devour a perfect classy breakfast, or lunch, that too amidst a surrounding, that will tastefully remind you of a 19th century Parisian restaurant. Do not forget to try the pastries here.
  2. Mezzaluna (Manama) – The perfect choice for those who want to have an authentic local meal in a setting that oozes sophistication. Visitors sing praises for the combination of international menu and excellent wine on offer here. Make sure you make prior bookings to avoid any disappointment!
  3. Masso (Manama) – This unique home kitchen of Susy Massetti has been winning ‘foodie hearts’ by the sheer rich taste of her simple dishes. Try out the Earl Grey-marinated chicken and harissa-marinated lamb chops and proceed to ‘food heaven’.

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