8 Peculiar Souvenirs You Can Bring Back From Your Vacations!

8 Peculiar Souvenirs You Can Bring Back From Your Vacations!

If you are an unconventional traveller, why stick to the conventional fridge magnets, postcards and printed t-shirts as mementos when you can bring back these bizarre souvenirs from your vacations across the globe?!

8 Peculiar Souvenirs You Can Bring Back From Your Vacations!

1. Coffee made from animal poop, Kopi luwak from Indonesia

The world’s most expensive coffee, Kopi luwak, is a coffee that is made from the partially digested coffee beans which were eaten and defecated by a luwak or civet (a small forest animal). Yes, this is basically a coffee made from the poop of an Asian palm civet! It is believed that these civets eat only the best of the best coffee cherries and thus, ‘quality check’ is not an issue! Bringing home a half kilogram packet of Kopi luwak as a souvenir will set you back by around 200 to 500 USD (roughly 700 to 1800 AED)!

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2. Matcha (green tea) flavoured KitKat from Japan

Leave it to Japan to take something as sinful and as fattening as chocolate and turn it into a completely healthy snack! If you're on a holiday to Japan you will come across several flavours of KitKats; since the year 2000, over 200 flavours have been introduced in Japan by Nestle. Some of the wackier flavours of KitKat in the land of the rising sun include cherry blossom, soy sauce, European cheese, cough drop syrup, hot Japanese chilli and yes, Matcha (green tea)!

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3. The pretty 3 dollar note from Cook Islands

Located in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands is a nation made up of 15 islands. And while on any other island country, tourists might take back sea shells, conches and stuff, from the Cook Islands, tourists take back the country’s 3 dollar note as a souvenir. Why? Because it is just so damn pretty! There is a running joke in this island nation that more 3 dollar notes are off it than on it!

4. Ugly yet cute Troll Dolls from Norway

The Scandinavian country of Norway is full of stories about myth, mythology and magical creatures. No wonder then that one of the offbeat travel souvenirs you can bring back from this picture postcard perfect country is an endearingly ugly-looking troll doll. According to Norse mythology, trolls are demons or mischievous creatures that don’t necessarily get along with humans. And if you bring back this unique travel souvenir, just hope it does not come to life!

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5. The deadly-looking snake liquor from Laos

Ah! Laos! The beautiful little gem in the continent of Asia! Full of mountains, monasteries and French architecture, a vacation in Laos will leave you rejuvenated. And one wacky souvenir you can bring back from Laos is Snake Liquor! Yes, you read that right! You will find plenty of souvenir shops selling bottles of liquor with dead snakes in them. And if you are feeling particularly heroic, you should buy one as your travel souvenir. Just make sure you are sticking to the rules of custom clearance at the airports.

6. Incredibly soft & warm possum wool from New Zealand

Why trouble the poor little sheep for its wool when you can easily obtain soft, warm and oh-so-comforting wool from a possum?! Possums had become a nuisance in New Zealand, creating an imbalance in the country’s forests and native wildlife conservation efforts. So the solution? Exterminate these possums as and when their population increases. The by-product?  Luxuriously warm possum wool! Buy and take some home, if you support environment-friendly measures!

7. Voodoo Doll, New Orleans, USA

Another doll on this list! In the African religion of Voodoo, a voodoo doll is used to appeal to the Voodoo spirits. And, what began as a custom of using the dolls for the healing and protection of loved ones, somehow, down the line, turned into a tool for black magic. You will find plenty of these dolls in the souvenir shops lining the streets of New Orleans. In fact, you can also buy this peculiar souvenir on your vacation in the Caribbean country of Haiti.

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8. Quirky Kangaroo souvenirs, Australia

Well, there’s no decent, SFW way of saying this. When we say Kangaroo souvenirs, we mean gift products made from kangaroos’... err... scrotum! As peculiar and as bizarre as it can get! Commercial harvesting of kangaroos is allowed in Australia, albeit, under strict government laws. This harvesting leads to products such as kangaroo meat for consumption, kangaroo leather and, as a part of a unique souvenir culture, kangaroo scrota. These scrotum gift articles include key chains, bottle openers and coin purses. You might also like reading:

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