How To Plan The Perfect Family Vacation In Montreal: 8 Fun Ideas!

How To Plan The Perfect Family Vacation In Montreal: 8 Fun Ideas!

We know it is not easy to plan a holiday with kids; it takes a lot of planning to keep them happy, occupied and entertained throughout the entire vacation. But the Canadian city of Montreal makes planning a family vacation look like a cakewalk! With so many interesting places to visit with your kids, so many activities to undertake and so many fun events to witness, this epic family vacation itinerary for Montreal will keep everyone in your family happy and that includes toddlers and teenagers as well! But you know what the best part is? All these places are situated either close to each other or are just a subway ride away. So, travelling in the city with a bunch of kids won’t be that hectic after all.?

8 Fun Places to Enjoy in Montreal with Kids!

1. Olympic Park

You should begin your Montreal vacay with a visit to the Olympic Park. An original venue that hosted the Olympics in 1976, the Olympic Park is now host to museums, sports events, winter specials and open-air community get-togethers; enough to keep you occupied for an entire day! The park is home to the Montreal Biodome, which is essentially a marvel in itself! Copying and recreating 5 ecosystems, the Biodome is an abode to plants and animal species belonging to each of these ecosystems thus making a perfect place to visit with your kids. Within the Olympic Park, you will also find the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium and you should definitely head over to it in case you want to solve some mysterious of the universe. While there, do partake in the immersive experience - the kids as well as the parents, both will enjoy it.

2. Montreal Botanical Garden

Your family vacation itinerary for Montreal should include a visit to the hauntingly beautiful Montreal Botanical Garden which is located right opposite the Olympic Park. Possibly the most attractive place in the city, the garden hosts several outdoor theme gardens during the spring, autumn and summer seasons. These themes include Shade garden, Japanese garden, Lily garden, Chinese garden and even a picturesque water garden. And worry not if you are visiting in the winters - the garden is a permanent, all year-round home to 10 greenhouses! Another attraction in the Montreal Botanical Garden is the Insectarium. The largest of its kind in North America, the Insectarium is home to over 1,50,000 specimens of insects and other arthropods like spiders and centipedes. Also read: While on your Canadian sojourn, do explore these 10 Stunning Places in the country.

3. Montreal Science Centre

The Montreal Science Centre is where science meets technology in the most brilliant way. Add to it IMAX TELUS movies such as Volcanoes 3D and Pandas 3D, and you have the perfect recipe for a fun and educational outing with the entire family. Interactive exhibits bifurcated on the basis of topics such as Humans, Science, Dinosaurs, Creativity Factory and Water In The Universe, to name a few, make the Montreal Science Centre interesting for all ages.

4. Voiles en Voiles

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Want to turn into Pirates of Montreal? Then Voiles en Voiles is where you should go next! Full of aerial adventure courses, thrilling slides, inflatable games and climbing tracks, all aboard royal as well as pirate ships, this family friendly theme park attracts loads of people who are in search of some pirate treasure! Oh, did we mention, Voiles en Voiles has over 100 games spread across 10 different aerial adventure courses? And these courses are suitable for all age groups!

5. Pointe-à-Callière

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Also known as the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, Pointe-à-Callière offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the archaeological excavations (dating back to the 1600s) which were instrumental in the founding and establishment of Montreal. The museum also hosts several temporary exhibits all year round. But, the best part of your visit with family will definitely be the Archaeo-Adventure workshop. In this workshop, Pointe-à-Callière provides groups of children and families a chance to undergo a simulated archaeological dig. How cool is that? You will be digging up a part of history here!

6. Grande Bibliothèque

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Who said libraries are boring? Step into the Grande Bibliothèque, a public library in Montreal, and be awestruck by its humongous size, its insane collection of books and its ability to make libraries look magnificent! Statistically speaking, the Grande Bibliothèque houses over 1,140,000 books and its shelf space measures around 80 kilometers! And, the basement of the building holds a children's library which is accompanied with an audio-visual equipment. thus making it fun and interactive for the kiddos.

7. La Ronde

A visit to Montreal with family and kids will be incomplete without a visit to the adrenaline boosting La Ronde theme park! Bifurcated into Thrill, Family and Kids, the rides at the park are for everybody. While Thrill includes rides such as Chaos, Boomerang, Démon and Monstre that your teenagers will love, your younger kids will love the Grand Carousal, the Joyeux Moussaillons and even the Tchou Tchou train ride. Not just rides, La Ronde also puts up live shows and events to entertain its visitors. Must read: Here’s a list of 13 Best Amusement Parks In The World just for you!

8. Mount Royal

A picturesque mountain near downtown Montreal, Mount Royal is best reached on a bicycle. If you have older kids who can cycle up this mountain, then you should rent some  bicycles and explore some of the best views of the city from atop Mount Royal. Up top, you can also check out the beautiful Mount Joseph Oratory and the gorgeous Beaver Lake. There’s also a Mount Royal park where you can undertake activities like bird watching, enjoying the Sculpture symposium and even boating. Fun fact- the city of Montreal was named after Mount Royal! All set to enjoy your perfect family vacation in Montreal? Fun tip: Your children will unquestionably enjoy sinking their teeth into three popular Montreal dishes - smoked meat sandwiches, Montreal-style bagels and poutine! Don’t forget to add a snack stop in your itinerary for this!
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