10 PICS that Will Make You Fall in Love With Český Krumlov

10 PICS that Will Make You Fall in Love With Český Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov - Czech Republic
Cesky Krumlov - the fairytale of Czech Republic!

Deep south in the Czech region of Bohemia that’s known for its bucolic countryside, lies our favourite spot in the Czech Republic – Český Krumlov! An enchanting town hidden amidst the Bohemian hills and forests, flanked by a mighty castle and the sashaying Vltava River !

Here are 10 pictures of Český Krumlov which prove that this town is indeed the best fairy-tale of the Czech Republic!

10 Stunning Pictures of Český Krumlov

Sunset in Český Krumlov
Stunning crimson hues as the sun sets in Český Krumlov

Cobbled alleys, charming restaurants, a lovely Old Town, a laid-back vibe, and medieval houses – Český Krumlov seems like a town lost in time! For the adventurous, the meandering Vltava River beckons with some refreshing canoeing and river rafting options.

Beautiful skyline of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
The evening hues in Cesky Krumlov are simply irresistible!

The old architecture and street layout of Cesky Krumlov has remained intact over the centuries. It comes as no surprise then, that this enchanting Czech city has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site!

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St. Vitus church Český Krumlov
The neo-Gothic St. Vitus church stands prominent amidst the rolling hills, green forest patches, and the signature red-tiled houses.

The medieval St. Vitus church with its signature neo-Gothic spire, is one of the most prominent architectural landmarks in the town. Besides being used for religious services, the church also plays host to numerous concerts.

St. Jost Church and the Castle Tower in Cesky Krumlov
Amidst the cute house, rises the spire of St. Jost Church (the smaller tower), and behind it, the Castle Tower soars in the backdrop (the taller tower).

Jutting out from the Český Krumlov skyline is the majestic, baroque, Český Krumlov Castle dating back to 1240. If history is your thing and you want to capture some riveting panoramic glimpses of the entire town sprawled out, visiting the castle and its tower would be worth every penny.

panoramic views of Cesky Krumlov
Green hills, red-tiled roofs, and the beautiful river running in the middle – the composition of this town seems like the work of a poet!

Talking about views, imagine how lovely it would be to see the charming red-tiled settlements of the town merging with dark green patches of forest and the gleaming Vlatava river winding through the landscape.

The charming Old Town, Cesky Krumlov
The Old Town of Cesky Krumlov is the perfect place for a fascinating, insightful, and interesting stroll!

You could also engage in a leisurely stroll around the Old Town, exploring the delightful restaurants and cafes, and discovering some great architectural masterpieces carved out in Baroque and Renaissance styles.

Charming cafes and eateries in Cesky Krumlov Old Townb
As you take a stroll along the alleys of Cesky Krumlov, explore its charming cafes and terrace restaurants.

Just walk around the spirited old streets of this town and be blessed with fascinating art work and frescoes all around.

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Svornosti Square in Cesky Krumlov
The Svornost Square (Town Square) is the main square in Cesky Krumlov. A perfect place to watch the town and its people go by.
Medieval houses of Cesky Krumlov
Cute houses lined along the Vltava River in Cesky Krumlov. Imagine living in one of these charming houses!

During the winter months, Cesky Krumlov turns into a magical paradise, glittering under a blanket of powdery white snow! If you like cold weather and snow, the best time to visit Cesky Krumlov would definitely be during the winters!

Cesky Krumlov in winter
The city of Cesky Krumlov turns into a winter paradise when it snows.

If you’re into music, you might want to consider hitting the town around mid-July. The town hosts the energetic International Music Festival of Český Krumlov, which runs for four weeks across the months of July and August. Yet another reason to visit Český Krumlov! This year, this epic music fest will take place between 17.07.2020 to 08.08.2020. The fest covers multiple genres of music played in alluring, medieval, indoor and open-air venues across the town, including the Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau.

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