10 Pictures Of Krabi That’ll Yell “How Romantic!”

10 Pictures Of Krabi That’ll Yell “How Romantic!”

Couple on a boat in Krabi Thailand
Relatively untouched Krabi in Thailand is the perfect destination for a quick romantic getaway. Though it is gaining popularity amongst tourists, the province manages to retain its charm. With more than 200 scenic islands spread over Krabi, you can hop from one to another easily through comfortable and unforgettable boat rides. If you and your partner want to run away for a while from the monotony of life, Krabi is the place to be at and here is pictorial proof of how awesome it would be!

10 Stunning Pictures of Krabi in Thailand

1. Because any day is better by the beach in Krabi with a loved one!

Young couple enjoying a vacation at tropical sand beach in Krabi, Thailand
The typical tropical beach of Krabi
2. Wouldn't you want to hold your partner's hand while watching the sunset on the top of an island!?

Couple on Phi Phi island at sunset in Southern Thailand.
The famous and ever-crowded Phi Phi Island
3. Just sit back beside your partner and enjoy the boat ride! The islands of Krabi, popular, offbeat and secluded, are well-connected through boat services. 

Couple traveling making heart shape relaxing on boat near Maya beach, Krabi Thailand
Sailing towards Maya Beach in Phi Phi Islands, Krabi
4. In Krabi, all kinds of boat rides are available for all kinds of romantics! Even if you aren't the cheezy romantic kind of couple, Krabi in Thailand can get the best of you!

Romantic couple on longtail boat in Thailand Phi Phi island Krabi

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5. This one is for all of you beach bums out there who wish to be close to their loved ones and gaze at the crystal clear waters! November through April is said to be the best time to visit Krabi. However, if you wish to simply relax with your spouse, no better time than spring to experience the best of Krabi.

6. These great caves are situated at the Phra nang Cave Beach. It has been voted one of the best beaches, not just in Krabi, but in the world!

Young couple in the big cave at Phra Nang beach, Krabi province in Southern Thailand
The Phra Nang Caves
7. Also known as the Tiger Cave, Wat Tham Seua is one of the most famous spots in Krabi. Though you'd have to climb 1272 steps for this attraction, the view from the temple is surreal!

Large statue of Buddha on a high mountain with tourists. Also known as Tiger Cave Mountain Temple, Krabi area Noi, Thailand
The Tiger Cave Temple
8. Because you simply can't get enough of the views from the top! This is the viewing point overlooking the Phi Phi Island, just a 90-minute boat ride away from Krabi.

9. For the ever-exploring adventurous souls, plenty of options like kayaking and river rafting are available. Take it from us, kayaking in Ao Thalane is one of the best things to do in Krabi. Don't miss out!

Kayaking in Ao thalane, Krabi, Thailand

10. Feel like a royal by enjoying the unique Elephant Trekking in the woods along with your partner! Something THIS awesome can only be experienced at a destination like Krabi!

Elephant trekking through jungle in Krabi Thailand
Elephant Trekking is one of the most fun and offbeat things to do in Krabi
So, if you wish to visit Krabi or Thailand, feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to help!
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