Places to Visit Before Marriage For Women!

Places to Visit Before Marriage For Women!

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Full-on entertainment, away from stress and most importantly…. no men to accompany you….that’s what girl’s outing is all about! When you are with your friends, especially with your BFFs, then everything seems very exciting and lively. Sometimes, girls become a worried lot: whom they are travelling with, instead of where they are travelling. So for all the lovely girls out there, check out these highly recommended spots to loosen up and actually enjoy your single status with your besties before getting married.

Shop, till you drop…. in Paris

women shopping in paris

Activities: Shopping, gossiping, bargains, cuisine hopping

When it comes to shopping, everybody has their own style. A few of us know what they want, they know where to buy and at what price! Then there are others who are in heaven, strolling through the street side shops, do window shopping, and even if there’s nothing they need to buy and some of us are on the chase for a bargain. Especially, a girl’s discussion in the middle of the street while shopping is a delight like no other.

Go Camping…. in Nepal

women camping in nepal

Activities: Bonfire night, music, dance, culture

Let’s face it girls – lizards, bugs, snakes and spiders have been our nightmares for way too long, now. Forget about what you have heard about camping, what fear you have in your mind. Camping is not an activity for the summer holidays, it’s a lifetime experience for those who really want to spend their night beneath the stars. Regardless of what time of year, enjoy bonfire night along with tents, nights of roasted marshmallows and campfire songs at some of the country’s most spectacular spots in Nepal.

Try your luck at a Casino…. in Las Vegas

women in las vegas casino

Activities: Casino, wine and dine, games, entertainment

When you think of casino, you will think of Las Vegas. Leave the guys behind and try your luck on a single spin of roulette in one of the famous casinos of Las Vegas. Vegas has so much to offer, along with casinos, as you can also enjoy swimming in a huge pool, various games, dine out and sparkling nightlife.

Keep calm and relax at a spa…. in Bali

woman relaxing in bali spa

Activities: Spa, meditation, culture

Done with shopping, trekking and partying, get away from the hustle and bustle of life as Bali offers the perfect blend of old world charm and new age glitzy nightlife and entertainment options. It makes for a great bachelorette bash with its variety of spa resorts, high quality liquor and white sandy beaches for sun bathing. The Laguna Resort in Bali offers mud-wraps, hot stone massage, oil soaks and a variety of treatments like aromatherapy, scrubs for you. This helps your mind, body and soul to reach a relaxed state like never before.

Walk on the top of the hill … in Chile

woman hiking in chileActivities: Trekking, hiking, riding and exploring wildlife

After marriage, may be your priorities will change, and you will not able to do the adventurous activities you are fascinated about. So, singlehood is a great time to experience some thrilling adventures with your best pals. Chile is a great place for adventure lovers, as it offers several adrenaline pumping activities from trekking, hiking, riding to discovering wildlife. All these activities are followed by a party with dance, music and special local drinks.

Party like a princess…. in Goa

women watersports in goaActivities: Campfire, water sports, shopping.

Marriages comes with a new life along with new responsibilities, so before getting into this, why not let your hair down and party like never before at one of the several beaches in the haven that is Goa in India. Bachelorette parties could be a house party, chilling out with drinks, dance, music and finally a dinner with all your besties. If you opt for an amazing bachelorette tour, then there is no place like Goa. So, girls or the brides-would-be ‘Go ahead’ and enjoy your naughty singlehood trip at one of the famous Goan beach; Anjuna beach. From loud music to quality wines to special seafood, Goa has it all, which makes it a great spot to spice up your bachelorette party.

Take a road trip to …. Leh Ladakh

women trekking in ladhak
Activities: Bike riding, eating in a roadside hotels, trekking

So, finally you have decided to give a full stop to your bachelorette life and got engaged to the man of your dreams. Before you start a new life, get an amazing farewell from your best friends by riding a bike. So put together your jacket with a leather boots and get-set-go!!! Let your bikes travel through the hilly roads of Leh Ladakh. A heaven for biking enthusiasts, Leh Ladakh offers one of the best bike routes in the world, which stretches over 475 kms. Journey to Leh Ladakh on a bike is a must-experience road trip.

Bring on the night…. at Ibiza

women partying in ibiza clubActivities: Music, partying and dancing

White sandy beaches, cool Mediterranean climate and vibrant nightlife, Ibiza is the perfect place for wild parties for girls looking to let their hair down. As the sun goes down, Ibiza offers endless bars, vibrant restaurants for a gastronomic experience before heading to the renowned clubs and bars at San Antonia beach. This beach is a paradise for the late night party animals.

Go scuba diving and explore the coral reef…. in Hawaii

women snorkelling in hawaii
Activities: Snorkelling, Scuba diving, surfing

Discover the underwater marine life in Hawaii for an exciting luxury diving holiday, with your best buddies. Head to the sun-kissed Big Island, home to white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and surreal sunsets. One of the options is to stay at the Fairmont Orchids Resort, a beach front resort, as you immerse yourself in a huge, serene pool facing the ocean, spectacular views and stunningly decorated interior. Go diving in the turquoise sea water and explore the sea turtles, colourful fishes, and various species.