8 Days In Poland – A Dreamy Travel Itinerary

8 Days In Poland – A Dreamy Travel Itinerary

Poland tourism Krakow city

Poland, a European country that is made up of myths and legends, of mountains and forests, of art and architecture, of quaint towns and pulsing cities, of a history that unsettles the soul and a future that is full of hope and dazzling dreams…

If you are planning on going on a Polish vacation, know that spring in Poland is a beautiful time to explore the majestic beauty of the country. It’s the time when the weather is perfect, the vistas are beautiful, and the journeys are as good as the destinations. And, to make your vacation planning easier, here’s a dreamy Poland travel itinerary just for you.

Best way to spend 8 days in Poland – the perfect itinerary

Day 1 – Land in the city of Krakow

Poland travel itinerary - Krakow Wawel Castle
The beautiful Wawel Castle in Krakow

The first half of your 1st day in Poland will go in travelling to Krakow and completing your hotel check-in formalities. If you book this fantastic holiday package, you will get to stay in the fabulous Hotel Park Inn by Radisson.  After you settle in, leave for a half day tour of the city.

Discover the remains of the medieval city walls, namely the Barbican and the St. Florian’s Gate, in Planty Gardens. Spread across approximately 5 acres, these gardens encircle the Old Town area and are fondly known as the green belt of the city. From there, head over to the Main Market Square and check out the St. Mary’s Basilica. Admire the historic Cloth Hall and see the bandaged head of Eros Bendato beneath Town Hall Tower.

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You can then head over to the university district to see the University Collegium Maius which is the oldest academic building in Poland. You can also take a stroll down the Kazimierz district where charming synagogues await you. End your day with a stroll down towards the magnificent Wawel Castle.

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Day 2 – Explore Wieliczka Salt Mine

Poland in Spring Wieliczka Salt Mine
Carvings in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

If you visit Poland and don’t visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine, you will be missing out on something incredibly wondrous! A UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the world’s largest mining heritage museum, the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a mesmerizing product of work of thousands of miners spread across generations.

It operated as a regular salt mine from the 13th century up until 1996. Commercial salt mining was stopped in 1996 after which, the mine was converted into a distinctive museum that portrays the historic as well as modern salt-mining technologies and unique pieces of mining equipment to its visitors. You will also find statues that were carved out of salt deposits by the miners who used to work here. These statues are no less than brilliant pieces of art!

After completing the tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, you can come back to your hotel in Krakow for a nightcap.

Watch the video for more amazing facts about the Wieliczka Salt Mine!

Day 3 – Auschwitz-Birkenau

Auschwitz Poland

A tragic part of Poland’s history, the memorial and museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau is located at the site of the former German Nazi concentration and extermination camp. The grounds and buildings of the Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau camps are open to visitors and you can visit them to know more about the gruesome past of this place. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, while the concentration camp reminds visitors of the wickedness and in-humaneness of humans, it also encourages and reminds people to be kind and compassionate towards each other.

You can come back to your hotel in Krakow for a nightcap.

Day 4 – Arrival in Zakopane

Poland itinerary Zakopane resort town
The quaint resort town of Zakopane

Leave from Krakow and, after a drive of two and a half hours, reach the scenic resort town of Zakopane. Located at the base of the bewitching Tatras Mountains, this town is what every traveller’s dreams are made of! The weather in Poland in April is warm and enjoyable and Zakopane benefits from it.

You can spend the remainder of this day exploring the charming streets and lively cafes of this town. If you book this incredible spring holiday package to Poland, you will be staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel & Residences while visiting Zakopane.

Day 5 – Tourist attractions near Zakopane

Poland vacation itinerary Chocholow
The charming village of Chocholow

After a hearty Polish breakfast, head over to Krupowki, the main street of Zakopane. Go bargain hunting and souvenir shopping to your heart’s content here. Follow this shopping expedition up with a visit to the Chocholow village. With its traditional wooden houses and peppered with delightful chapels, this village looks like it belongs to a bygone era.

In the second half of the day, take a funicular ride up the Gubalowka mountain and enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the natural beauty of southern Poland. You will also have a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountain range.

Day 6 – Koscieliska Valley Tatra Mountains Hike

Koscieliska Valley Tatra Mountains Hike
View of the Koscieliska Valley from the Jaskinia Mylna Cave

Located in the Tatra Mountains, the Koscieliska Valley is a popular tourist attraction near Zakopane, especially during the spring. Approximately 9 kilometers long, the valley is home to stunning caves, rock gates and limestone formations. On the hiking trail, attractions you should definitely not miss include the Koscieliski Brook, the crocuses covered (during spring) Wyzna Kira Mietusia Clearing, the caves of Jaskinia Mylna, Jaskinia Mrozna, and Jaskinia Raptawicka, the viewing platform of the Icy Spring, and shopping for fresh dairy products from the shepherds you will come upon on the hiking trail.

The entire trek will take up a good 6 – 7 hours of your day. End the day with a delicious meal at your hotel.

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Day 7 – Tourist attractions of Zakopane

Poland travel itinerary Morskie Oko
The enchanting Morskie Oko lake, AKA, Eye of the Sea Lake

The last day of your Poland travel itinerary… This day should definitely be reserved for you to take in all the experiences and sights of Poland, before you say goodbye. You can spend a leisurely day in Zakopane – munching on the local Oscypek cheese, admiring the town’s unique architecture, rejuvenating at the Bukovina Thermal Baths, shopping some more, taking Instagram worthy photos, hiking up to the beautiful Morskie Oko lake, indulging in some Polish delicacies like Pierogi (Polish dumplings), Rosół (chicken broth) and Polish croissant cookies and sipping on some grzaniec galicyjski (mulled wine).

Day 8 – Goodbye Poland

Poland tourism Krakow city
The city of Krakow

After a nice, hearty breakfast, say your goodbyes to Poland, leave for Krakow and then hop on your flight back home.

Although 8 days are not enough to explore Poland, this week long break from the daily routine will leave you coming back for more! Now that you have this Poland travel itinerary, what are you waiting for? Hurry! The best time to visit Poland is NOW!

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