Ponta da Piedade, Portugal named the most beautiful beach in the world

Ponta da Piedade, Portugal named the most beautiful beach in the world

A beautiful sunrise over the Ponta da Piedade, Algarve, Portugal

Described as “the cliffs so high that almost touch the blue of the sky and the splendour is so overwhelming, so exciting, so irresistible, that it’s kind of hard to look at, it’s so beautiful”.

After having travelled across Brazil, Seychelles, Australia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, it was in Portugal that the travel experts of the Huffington Post found the world’s most incredibly beautiful beach.

A hidden treasure in the middle of the Algarve Eden, Ponta Da Piedade is an amazingly beautiful natural feature formed of heavily weathered cliffs that has been carved into natural rock pillars, tunnels and hidden grottos.

The beautiful beaches and coral blue waters at Ponta Da Piedade

After traveling through the world and visiting ten beaches across different locales around the world, travel portal Huffington Post has come up with the world’s most beautiful shoreline.

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The Ponta da Piedade is an excellent half-day excursion from Lagos where hiring a fishing boat to explore the cliffs is the most fascinating experience. The beach of Ponta da Piedade is a hidden treasure in the middle of the Algarve Eden. The cliffs are so high that some of them can measure 60 feet. These rugged cliffs sublimely contrast with the calm and blue-green waters. Full of giant caves, unknown bays and quiet beaches, the beauty of the beach is such that it can seduce even the most demanding traveller.

Ponta da Piedade
image source: wikipedia

Apart from its unique beauty, you will also find a stunning lighthouse where you can stand and enjoy the eclectic view of the surroundings. The water crashing into the rocks and the soothing feel of the fresh breeze is a spectacular sight to behold.


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