These 6 Ultra Luxurious Private Islands Will Stun You Into Silence

These 6 Ultra Luxurious Private Islands Will Stun You Into Silence

Private islands
Private Islands are going to be the star attraction of the year 2018. Yes, you heard it right, these ultra-luxurious getaways, complete the dreams of those who place as much importance on their luxury as they do on their privacy! So, watch out millionaires, here are some super-exciting destinations you would want to go to in 2018!

Laucala Islands, Fiji

Located in the Fiji, Laucala islands are in a league of their own. The islands have been described as “extraordinary” and “unlike any they have visited before” by those who have stayed at this ultra-luxurious island resort. There are countless attractions, but the chief among them are the pristine rainforests, white sandy beaches, extraordinarily private luxury, and mouth-watering food. 

Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Beautiful cottages of Inner Hebrides
On the first glance, the Inner Hebrides is a your typical island getaway, with plenty of luxury, privacy, and of course, natural beauty. But what makes it truly standout is the unexpected presence of a colony of red deer, mostly found in Europe and in the Caucasus region. Located on the west coast of mainland Scotland, the wildlife is so plentiful that you can spot dolphins and seals even on a simple boat ride. Old-school style cottages offering every modern material comfort will help you enjoy the distinct Scottish setting in a lap of luxury.

Thanda Island, Tanzania

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This award-winning island located in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Tanzania, is one of the most exclusive and sought after private island destination in the entire world. Although there are plenty of reasons to make this island irresistible to tourists, the most compelling is the natural beauty the island is surrounded by; a vibrant coral reef that attracts marine turtles and whale sharks.

Isla Tagomago

If you want to party at Ibiza and rest in total privacy at your own luxury island villa, Isla Tagomago welcomes you with open arms! Located at a mere 5-minute boat ride from the European party capital, this island hosts some of the most glamorous celebrities in the world, throughout the year.

Society Islands, French Polynesia

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This place located in the South Pacific Ocean is famous among honeymooners for the most perfect of luxurious resorts, blue water, and the softest of pink sand. What makes Society Islands stand apart from the rest in the list is the French influence over everything -  right from food to luxury, to its very ethos. As an added bonus, tourists can head over to the famous Bora Bora islands nearby, for luxury with a dash of glamour.

Vela Islands, Maldives

Just when you thought you have read about all the private islands of the world, we present to you Vela Islands, from the exotic Maldives. Based in the Noonu Atoll, the island strives to make your every special dream a reality through its premium spas, exceptional multi-cuisine restaurants, private chefs & butlers, Jacuzzi, sundeck, 9 – hole golf course and remarkable service. What’s more you, can have the entire island to yourself (for a minimum of 4 nights) – to make your special celebrations extra-ordinarily special! Interested in knowing more about Maldives? Check out our Maldives blog.

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