Planning a Berlin holiday? Here’s what to expect from this quirky city

Planning a Berlin holiday? Here’s what to expect from this quirky city

Museum Island with Berlin Cathedral
Named one of the most livable cities in the world, Berlin also has an quirky side to it. So if you are planning to visit this city for its rich historical sites, vibrant culture, and architecture which is class-apart, then brace yourself for something more. Berlin and its people love their parties, bread, and beer - so while you are in this city, make sure you are well-prepared to have an epic Berlin holiday. Here are 10 unmissable quirks of Berlin.

1. “How are you?” - it’s not just a phrase 

Berlin holidays - city quirks If you meet a local and you happen to ask the question, “how are you?”, be rest assured that you are not leaving for at least good 15 minutes. In Berlin, the locals take this question very personally and would want to know about your family, your plans for the weekend, and other mundane things. So when in Berlin, refrain from using this polite phrase, or get your precious time wasted, the choice is yours.

2. Cash is king

Berlin holidays - Cash is the king in Berlin While in Berlin, make sure you have cash ready to pay upfront in bars, supermarkets, local restaurants, or for using public transport. Your credit cards are readily acceptable at upscale restaurants and hotels. Germans just don’t like the idea of unnecessary debt – get the drift?

3. No jaywalking, please 

No crossing road in Berlin until the Ampelmannchen Rules are rules in Berlin. Even if the roads might appear clear of any traffic, don’t cross until you see the green man wearing a hat. Yes, the green signal is called Ampelmännchen, and is one of the most recognized icons of Germany.

4. The things we do for bread 

The love for bread in Berlin Bread is not just a food, it’s an integral part of German culture. There is so much of variety in bread that one visit is not enough to try all. On an average an individual German eats more than 50 kgs of bread per year. Now that’s what is called true love!

5. Clubbing is a sport, literally 

People dancing at summer Strandbar beach party near Spree river in Berlin Berlin parties are famous not only in Europe, but the world over. Any empty spaces around, and they will be soon turned into an open-air party. Day or night, there is no dearth of parties here, until you are game for it. So get your stamina up to party - Berlin style!

6. No business on Sundays

Chilling on the Müggelsee in Berlin No it’s not a joke. The locals believe in spending quality time sleeping, drinking, or enjoying a bath in the lake. Sunday is the day to just rest and relax for the people of Berlin - it’s their way of life.

7. An airport to hang out 

People enjoying at Berlin Tempelhof, former airport in Berlin city The Berlin Tempelhof Airport got into some controversy and the operations ceased in 2008, since then this place has become “the” place for the locals of Berlin. Music festivals, cycling and skating events, anything and everything happens here. This place is abuzz with hipsters drinking and barbecuing in the vast empty spaces of the massive airport.

8. Say bye-bye to cellphones 

No use of cellphones in Berlin clubs - Berlin holidays In case you are a fan of selfies or a social media butterfly, then you must refrain from clubbing in Berlin. There is a strict no cellphone policy in the majority of clubs. People of Berlin like to keep their professional and personal life separate, and as a tourist one should abide by the rules.

9. A paradise for vegans

A plate of vegan curry wurst sausage in Germany If you’re a vegan, then you’re going to make Berlin your home! From fancy restaurants to a family-run sit out, there is no place that will deny you a vegan meal.

10. Drink till you drop

Friends having fun at Berlin fest But of course, yes. Just like any other German, the locals of Berlin love their beer. No matter what time of the day, morning or evening, the beer just keeps flowing and how!
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