8 Quirky Museums That’ll Intrigue You To The Core!

8 Quirky Museums That’ll Intrigue You To The Core!

The Oxford dictionary defines ‘museum’ as “a building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited”. A definition like that generally puts people off from actually visiting a museum! Although there are enthusiasts who love to visit various galleries and exhibition halls to admire art, if you are not one of them, this one is for you! Here’s a list of 8 quirky museums that’ll intrigue (or probably disgust) you to the core.

8 Quirky Museums Around The World That You Have To Visit! 

1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, New Delhi, India

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Leading the list of quirky museums is the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in India. Yes, there’s an entire museum dedicated to hygiene and sanitation in New Delhi! Having exhibits right from 2500 B.C. to present day, this interesting museum tracks the history and evolution of toilets - right from the gold-plated toilets of Roman emperors and throne-like pots used by French emperors to modern day electric toilets. The museum also houses photographs of ancient (Mohenjo-Daro period) toilets as well as poems and writings devoted to toilets.

2. Museum of Bad Art, Somerville, USA

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The Museum of Bad Art, or MOBA for short, has a tagline that says, “art too bad to be ignored”. How indeed can we ignore something so fascinating then?! It is possibly the only private museum in the entire world dedicated to the collection and preservation of bad art, in all its forms. On display, you will find bad art pieces dedicated to animals, eyes, sports, religion, portraits (or Poor Traits, as the museum calls them!) and even landscapes.

3. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb, Croatia

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Based on the pain and heartbreaks related to failed relationships, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a crowd-sourced museum having two branches, one in Zagreb (Croatia) and one in Los Angeles (USA). You can donate items (letters, gifts, photographs, soft toys, jewellery, mementos et al) that remind you of your ex, to these museums! This act of donation is symbolic of letting go of everything from your past that’s holding you back. A beautiful concept with a beautiful outcome! If you are visiting Zagreb, Croatia any time soon, do make it a point to visit this enthralling museum.

4. Torture Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This one takes agony to a completely different level! The Torture Museum located in Amsterdam displays Europe’s dark past…a past that included gruesome torture practices in order to either get alleged criminals, witches and prisoners talking or to punish a criminal. In the museum are kept these torture apparatuses along with sketches of how they were used. Are you brave enough to explore this museum? Then book this well-planned travel package to Amsterdam, and go be a brave heart!

5. Plastinarium, Guben, Germany

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Ok, if you think the Torture Museum in Amsterdam might churn the contents of your stomach, it is better if you don’t visit the Plastinarium in Germany. Because a visit to this museum needs one to be of a strong disposition. Why? Because on display are human bodies, in every shape and position, but stripped down to their dead tissue which has been replaced with synthetic polymers. If you want to know how a human (and a few animals) body looks on the inside, the Plastinarium is the place for you.

6. Cancun Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico

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One of the most ambitious museums in the world, the Cancun Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico is home to over 500 permanent life-sized sculptures, all under water. These sculptures at this unique museum can be admired by either scuba diving, snorkeling or on a glass-bottom boat for people who don’t prefer going under water.

7. Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Yokohama, Japan

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If you are a foodie traveller or if you love ramen, you’ll be happy to know that the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum is actually a huge food court that serves all types, toppings and tastes of ramen! Founded in 1994, this exceptional museum claims to be the ‘world's first food-themed amusement park’. Now, if that’s not a wacky and quirky ‘museum’, we don’t know what is!

8. International Cryptozoology Museum, Portland, USA

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Cryptozoology deals with the search, research and study of legendary animals. It basically involves the search for animals which have not yet been proved to exist. Still confused? Well…how about we throw words like Yeti and Bigfoot at you?! Yes, on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum are photos, full-sized art sculptures and other evidence that prove that these animals or creatures thought to be born of legend and folklore probably do exist. The search is still on! Excited to visit these 8 quirky museums that’ll intrigue you to the core?  Other honourable mentions include the Avanos Hair Museum in Turkey, the Kunstkamera in Russia and the Siriraj Medical Museum (AKA Museum of Death) in Thailand. Don’t Google the last one; you might get nightmares! You have been warned…
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