11 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Sozopol, Bulgaria

11 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In Sozopol, Bulgaria

A quote on beauty goes, “beauty gets all the attention, but personality gets the heart”. On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, amidst history and stories, lies a scenic town that has both - beauty and personality. Sozopol is the name of this town and if you are interested in losing your heart to this charming enigma, here are 11 reasons why your next vacation should be in Sozopol.

11 reasons to visit Sozopol - the hidden gem of Bulgaria!

Reason 1- To witness the walls that whisper history in your ears at the picturesque Southern Fortress Wall and Tower

Reason 2 - To explore the largest Black Sea island in Bulgaria- the Saint Ivan Island

Reason 3- To take a stroll in Ancient Sozopol (Old Town) where archaeological walls rub shoulders with modern times

Reason 4 - To soak in the sun at the serene beaches of Sozopol

Reason 5 - To discover bygone centuries at the archaeological complex of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Reason 6 - To drive (or walk) down to the colossal Ravadinovo castle which is one of its kind and was build by one man, 20 years ago!

Reason 7- To lose your heart and soul at the romantic Kavatsite Bay

Reason 8 - To dip some scrumptious banitsa in your morning tea or coffee and kick-start your day on the right note!

Reason 9 - To save some money! Because Sozopol is an out and out budget-friendly destination!

Reason 10 - To breathe in tranquility at the uncrowded, non-touristy places spread across Sozopol

Reason 11 - To bask in the creativity of open-air concerts, jazz concerts, indie films’ screenings, art exhibits and literary evenings at the vivacious Apolonia Festival of Arts

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And while you are all set to go to Sozopol on your next vacation, do try to check out these other spectacular cities and towns in Bulgaria during your holiday.
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