Recreate the magic of movies at these iconic destinations

Recreate the magic of movies at these iconic destinations

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Movies often tend to give us ideas for our next trips or destinations. Here are some selected places from movies of different genres that will make your trip a memorable experience.  

 Before Sunset

before sunset

Genre - Romantic Where: Seine River, Paris Before Sunset is the extended romance sequel to the 90's romantic movie, Before Sunrise. The story of two strangers who met by chance 9 years ago, spent a night together in Vienna and parted before sunrise. Now, they bump into each other again after 9 years. Before Sunset was actually more successful than Before Sunrise. Before Sunset was filmed in Paris, a city synonymous with romance and love. An intensely romantic scene in the movie was shot at the Seine River, where the couple take a boat ride along the river. There were several other shots in the movies which was shot in various locations around Paris.  

 127 Hours

127 hours Genre - Adventure Where: Homestead Crater, Utah The movie 127 Hours is based on a real-life story of mountain climber Aron Ralston and was directed by the famous Academy award winning director Danny Boyle. The pool dipping scene in the movie was filmed at Homestead Crater known locally as "The Crater", Utah.  It is considered among the most fascinating swimming pools around the world. You can go swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or can even enjoy a therapeutic soak. The crater attracts many diving enthusiasts from across the world.  


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Genre – Adventure Where: Southern Sky Column, China Avatar is an epic 3D science fiction movie directed by renowned director James Cameron, famous for the masterclass Titanic movie. The magical floating peaks in Avatar are actually inspired from Southern Sky Column in China. The Southern Sky Column in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one the most popular tourist attractions of China and after the release of the epic hit, it is renamed as Avatar Hallelujah Mountain by China.  

The Dark Knight Rises 

The Dark Knight Rises Genre- Thriller Where: Sgwd Henrhyd Falls, Wales The Dark Knight Rises movie, the final installment in the Batman Series Trilogy, was a massive hit. The Batman’s Cave which is also known as ‘BatCave’ is the hideout place of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego behind the Sgwd Henrhyd Falls in Wales. Henrhyd Falls in the Brecon Beacons has become a popular attraction for Batman fans eager to experience a walk behind the 27-metre-high curtain of water. It is the tallest falls in south Wales and is owned and managed by National Trust Wales. the dark knight rises_2
the dark knight rises_2
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Where: Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur Director Christopher Nolan considered Mehrangarh Jodhpur, India for the scene where Bruce Wyane (Christian Bale) escapes from the prison. Mehrangarh fort is also one of the largest fort and eminent tourist places in India.  

The Hangover


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Genre – Comedy Where: Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas The Hangover was one of the highest grossing movies of the year, 2009.  The movie was filmed around the city in Las Vegas where three friends head to Las Vegas for promising epic bachelor party. Various scenes were shot at the luxury Villa in Caesar’s Palace, a 5 Star Hotel, located in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the great choice for travelers interested in Shopping, Night life and Entertainment.  

Hangover II

hangover 2
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Genre - Comedy Where: Sky Bar at Lebua, State Tower, Bangkok Hangover’s second sequel was shot in Bangkok, which brought back the city into the limelight. Story of four friends who end up making a ‘Wolf Pack’ and the incidents happening throughout the movie. The first scene of the movie was shot at one of the most spectacular landmarks of Bangkok, the Sky Bar at Lebua, State Tower.  This is one of the highest open air bars in Asia and the view of sunset is simply spell-binding.  


up up (5) Genre –Animated Where: Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela UP is one of the highest grossing romantic animated movies of 2009. The Paradise Falls in this Disney Pixar’s movie is based on Angel Falls in National Park, Venezuela. It is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall and is one the top rated and must see attractions of the world.  

The Ring


the ring 1
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Genre- Horror Where: Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon The Ring is a psychological dark horror film based on Japanese horror film, Ringu. The spooky scene of Moesko Island Lighthouse in the movie was filmed at Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast of the United States of America.  

Fifty Shades of Grey 

Genre - Romance Where: Rainier Provisions, Gastown, Vancouver Fifty shades of Grey is based on romantic-erotica novel penned by E. L. James. Fifty Shades of Grey spanked all other releases in box office over the Valentines weekend and became the highest grossing film in United States and Canada in the year 2015. The fans are eagerly awaiting for the second instalment of the movie titled Fifty Shades Freed, set to be released in 2017. Fifty Shades of the Grey had been shot across amazing locations. The Rainier Provisions, Gastown, Vancouver was the café where the protagonists Christian and Anastasia indulge in an animated conversation, a popular scene from the movie.