Best Restaurants in Georgia, Europe!

Best Restaurants in Georgia, Europe!

restaurants in georgia
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Best Restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia has a rich culinary history with an extremely distinct identity from its regional neighbours. The Georgian cuisine is simply rich with locally available produces and elaborate uses of chicken, meat and eggs. Georgia being at the crossroads of Europe has several influences of the Caucasus and Baltic regions. The country is famed for its world class wines and delicious upscale eateries, classic cafes and traditional Georgian dining establishments. Georgian restaurants are popular and can be found in plenty in the country’s capital Tbilisi and Batumi.

Check out the top 10 best restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia and do savour the delicious Georgian food during your vacation in Georgia, Europe.

Best Georgian Restaurants

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Culinarium located in Lermontov Street, Gudiashvili Square has a charming décor filled with light wooden furniture, live kitchen and very minimal décor. The look and feel of the restaurant is modelled on comfortable kitchen theme with fresh flower and well stocked racks filled with locally made sauces and other assortments. The food is an amazing mix of Asian, Georgian and regional specialities. The casual setting further enhances the charm of dining in Culinarium.

Organique Josper Bar

A world class steak house, with a short and specific menu coupled with highly efficient service is the trademark of Organique Josper Bar. The Georgian fares are prepared with locally produced ingredients, allowing the guests the chance to enjoy delicious fares along with sipping rare organic Georgian wines filled with amazing aroma and flavours. Grilled and roasted dishes are succulent and will ensure a memorable dining experience in Georgia.


Kakhelebi has a minimalistic décor and resembles a den of medieval days. The food is simply traditional Georgian with slight elements of Turkish cuisine like kebabs and koftes. The food is amazing and is often paired with authentic Georgian wine. Use of the best available local vegetables and meat along with amazing ingredients adds an element of authenticity and freshness to its delectable fares.

Gabriadze Theatre Café

Designed by the contemporary and highly renowned Georgian painter and famous puppeteer, Rezo Gabrizade, Gabrizade Theatre Café is one of the best restaurants in Georgia. This classic art deco café is the best place to enjoy the delightful Georgian cuisine including a well curated selection of Georgian wines along with catching wonderful Georgian plays.


One of the most reputed restaurants in Georgia, Taglaura has a classy interior and serves delicious food comprising of Georgian and Eastern European delicacies. The food is non-fussy and the setting seems like a hunting lodge with a very informal setting.

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Best French Restaurant in Tbilisi 


Imagine soaking in the panoramic views of Tbilisi while savouring the delicious contemporary French cuisine! It’s possible in Funicular, one of the best restaurants in Georgia. The food served here is contemporary French cuisine with a well curated selection of wines.

Best Italian Restaurant in Tbilisi

Piano Italian Restaurant

Italian food connoisseurs will highly appreciate Piano Italian restaurant for its amazing crispy pizzas, tiramisu, pastas while enjoying live piano music in Tbilisi. The restaurant uses locally available fresh farm produces and imported ingredients from Italy to serve the most authentic Italian food to its guests.

The Black Lion Restaurant

The Black Lion restaurant serves a delectable contemporary take on Georgian cuisine. The fusion of Georgian specialties is well presented with fine selection of Georgian wines. The hosts are very friendly and will certainly engage you in friendly chats and banters.

Shadow of Metekhi

Dine with the locals while enjoying the cultural shows based on the country’s local folklores and traditional music and themes. The food served in Eastern European with locally sourced ingredients and amazing views of the region.shutterstock_137063609-compressed

Tsiskvili Restaurant

Tsiskvili is ono of the top restaurants in Tbilisi and is renowned for its authentic Georgian cuisine. The setting includes a functioning windmill, waterfall and spacious garden on the shore of river Mktvari. The authentic Georgian culinary fares and amazing selection of Georgian wine makes it a wonderful restaurant to dine in during your vacation in Georgia.

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