Road Trip to Musandam from Dubai

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A welcome break from the glitzy mall culture of Dubai, road trips are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones! Not only is the journey worthy, the destination is just as good - a road trip from Dubai to Musandam is a good getaway from the everyday routine of the city. The Musandam Peninsula is actually an exclave of Oman but is separated from it by the UAE.

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Musandam Road Trip from Dubai - Directions

While the beauty of Dubai can’t be argued upon, frankly, there is so much to UAE than just Dubai and it is definitely worth exploring. Thanks to dream like roads and availability of world-class cars, checking out other parts of UAE from Abu Dhabi or Dubai is a great opportunity for a perfect weekend break. road trip to Musandam, Oman As you take this wonderful road trip to Musandam, you will come across plenty of scrubby sandy plains, and you will also stumble upon some outstanding parts, marked by waves of sand dunes in apricot and peach, magnificent Rocky Mountains, and a few lush date-palm oases. It takes a little over two hours to reach Musandam Peninsula from Dubai. Within minutes of entering Musandam you will be blessed with spectacular views of the craggy Hajar mountains!

How to go to Musandam from Dubai

The road from Dubai to Musandam is pretty straightforward - you take the Emirates road towards Ras Al Khaimah. The route you will be following is Dubai - Sharjah - Ras Al Khaimah. At Ras Al Khaimah, drive on to the Cement Factory road which has road signs that direct you to Oman. If you don't intend on going on a road trip, there are a couple of other ways to go to Musandam from Dubai. You can book a flight from Dubai to Khasab. Khasab is a quaint little town in the Musandam peninsula; be warned however, that the flight tickets are not cheap. Another way to go to Musandam from Dubai is to book a tour. This is possibly the best way to visit the beautiful Omani gem if you want to have a hassle free getaway. This is because most of the tour operators also help you out with the Oman visa process if you are not eligible for visa on arrival.
The rocky Hajar mountains
The rocky Hajar mountains!
If you are planning to rent a car for your road trip of Musandam, don't forget to ask for Omani travel insurance, for you will need it to get your visa at the Omani border post. If you don’t already have it, you’ll need to purchase it at the border. Also, do ensure that you have a visitor visa that allows you to re-enter the UAE after your trip. For documents related information, check with the Dubai Department of Tourism.

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Places to see in and around Musandam

There's enough to do and see around Musandam to keep you occupied over a weekend. Here are some places in Musandam you can't miss:
  • Oman Fjords
  • Bimmah Sink-hole
  • Khasab Castle
  • Khawr Najd
  • Khasab Fort 
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Where to stay - Hotels near Musandam

Resort Six Senses Zighy Bay, Dibba, Oman
The Resort Six Senses Zighy Bay in Dibba, Oman
The hotel, Six Senses Zighy Bay has a stunning location, surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of Musandam's fjords and the rugged Hajar mountains!

Tips - Road Trip from Dubai to Musandam

  • If you intend to take a road trip to Musandam in winters, make sure, you have jackets handy as it tends to get quite cold and windy. While in summers, the place heats up to 50 degrees celsius, and Musandam is then very hot, dusty and lacks (drinkable) water. It is recommended to keep adequate supplies with you.
  • Also, there are only few hotels in Musandam, Khasab region and it might get a tad crowded during holidays, so it is advisable that you make prior reservations.
  • Be extremely cautious while driving as the roads are steep and at times, you might counter reckless drivers.

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