Romance in Georgia, Europe

Romance in Georgia, Europe

A view of the snow capped Georgian peaks
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Romantic things to do in Georgia

Georgia in Europe is a perfect romantic destination boasting of a mix of stunning natural beauty, amazing range of adventure and fun activities, great food and wine, friendly people and plenty of space to rekindle romance. For your honeymoon, anniversary, couple’s trip or any romantic getaway, it offers the ultimate in romance, from special dinners, beautiful views, romantic suites, adventure and more. Georgia, Europe is also an amazing honeymoon destination for the newlyweds as it offers range of activities to ensure you have a memorable vacation with your beloved. An offbeat and lesser-known destination nestled amidst the lap of the soaring Caucasus Mountains, Georgia in Europe is a classic romantic getaway destination.

Adventure in Georgia

Romantic places in Georgia

Couples who love a dash of adventure will have a great time in Georgia as the country offers wide range of adventure activities. From hiking, bird watching and camping to extreme mountaineering, caving and river rafting, there are a lot of options for the adventurous ones among us. Georgia’s beautiful landscape also helps you move off the well-established tracks and go off-road with horse riding and 4×4 drive adventures. You can also enjoy a stay in eco-lodges, pitch a tent in a secluded area or stay in local homestays. Romance in Georgia will certainly be an experience to cherish for adventure seekers!


Inexpensive romantic getaways in Georgia

For the newlyweds, Georgia has a lot to offer. The country is still not commercialised like the usual romantic destinations like Venice, Paris or Vienna. However, it still has enough charm to ensure a highly romantic vacation. Explore the cobbled streets of Old Tbilisi, take a funicular ride to Mtatsminda mount and enjoy a Ferris wheel ride. In Kakheti, enjoy a stroll at the side of beautiful lakes, walk on the stone paved streets of Sighnaghi and sample wonderful wines in the small wineries along with local delicacies. Hear the tales of the legendary love story of Ali and Nino in Batumi (Ali and Nino is a novel about a romance between a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku in the years 1918-1920), look at the stars in the observatory of Abastumani or enjoy an evening on the beaches of the Black Sea.

Nature lovers will revel in the stunning natural beauty of Georgia as the country is picture perfect with mountains, rivers, coast, green valleys and small sleepy villages. Enjoy a hike to Kazbegi and Juta villages filled with memorable scenic beauty; see the national parks of Kintrishi and Mtirala in Ajara, or admire the medieval towers and castles of Khevsureti or Svaneti. The entire country is blessed with scenic natural beauty, which is perfect for romance in Georgia.


Georgia, heaven for foodies

If delicious food and quality wine are key ingredients to having a good quality time with your loved ones; then Georgia is the most romantic place to be. Unique, pure and uninfluenced cuisine still thrives in the country alongwith a world renowned wine reputation. Through the travel, you will have enough opportunities to savour the local specialities of Khashlama (juicy beef brisket), Mtsvadi (meat barbeque), Chakapuli (stewed lamb in vegetables, Pkhlovani (spinach stuffed pie) and many more unique local specialities like Gebzhalia, Achma, Ajarian, Pkhali and many more. Enroll in a local cookery class or simply ask the friendly local chef for more authentic experience. A rich cuisine coupled with fresh farm products is an heaven for foodies and perfect for romance in Georgia.

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Romantic weekend getaways in Georgia

If your idea of romance is to relax and enjoy your vacation at a leisurely pace, then you must visit the sulphur baths of Tbilisi to unwind and rejuvenate your body and your tired souls. You can check out the Kakhetian Wine Spa at the Kakhetian lake resorts or simply relax by immersing your body in the famous Georgian mineral waters at one of the spa hotels in Borjomi.

History admirers will enjoy a lot, a country which has a timeless look and feel. Georgia is dotted with historic churches, medieval ruins of castles and towers and UNESCO World Heritage sites. History geeks will feel like steeping back into the bygone era as they explore the cave town of Vardzia or Rabato Fortress. Legendary cathedrals of Gelati and Svetitskhoveli have inspiring frescoes in Georgian designs. There are several monuments to enjoy and admire and don’t forget to try the Georgian national costumes for a more picture friendly moment with your beloved. History lovers will have a great time while reveling in romance in Georgia.

Places to see in Georgia

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