Running Wild – Top Australian Outback Adventures

Running Wild – Top Australian Outback Adventures

Australian Outback
Nothing compares to the diverse and unique landscape of the Australian Outback. Miles and miles of rugged terrain, stretching from northern to southern coastline; expanses of red desert and never-ending trails and roads; the Outback is a treasure trove of adventures. If you want to put your endurance to test and plan to rough it out, then, the arid land of Australia is your calling. Give in to the Outback and get ready to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Here are a few Australian Outback destinations for an avid Outback traveller...

1. Kings Canyon, Northern Territory

Australian Outback

300 kilometres away from Uluru, Kings Canyon is a part of the Watarrka National Park. The dense palm forest is home to many species of animals and plants. The trek to the top of the canyon is definitely tiring but the view is priceless.

2. The Kimberley, Western Australia

Australian Outback The Kimberley redefines adventure. It is one of the biggest draws of the Outback. Dramatic landscapes, majestic waterfalls, large stretches of wilderness, huge gorges, and a spectacular coastline – the Kimberley is Australia’s most riveting outback destination.

3. Uluru, Northern Territory

Uluru Only a few hours away from Sydney, Uluru is regarded as the spiritual heart of the country. The unique desert topography is surreal. Take a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon ride, or ride a motorcycle across the desert; there are plethora of activities that will bring out the adventurer in you.

4. Tennant Creek, Northern Territory

Tennant Creek This is the fifth largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia. The famous and most visited site, the Devil’s Marbles is located 100 kilometres south of Tennant Creek. The boulders look absolutely stunning at sunrise and sunset, so make sure to stay overnight.

5. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory - Australian Outback

A three-hour drive from Darwin will get you to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park. Admire the 50,000-year-old rock art galleries, see the flora and fauna of the wetlands of Yellow Water Creek, and don’t forget to visit the Jim Jim Falls and the Twin Falls.

6. The West MacDonnell Range, Northern Territory

West Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territories Usually overlooked by many tourists, the MacDonnell Ranges should certainly be on your wishlist. With ample of quiet camping sites, gorges, waterholes, and picturesque scenery, the MacDonnell Ranges are a haven for those looking for some tranquility.

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7. Coober Pedy, South Australia

Coober Pedy Imagine living and dinning underground – that’s Coober Pedy for you! To avoid soaring temperatures, the town is built underground. From hotels to cafes and churches, a visit to this town is an experience in itself. Coober Pedy is also known as the 'Opal Capital of the World', so make sure to purchase the gemstone, and if lucky, you might just stumble upon one while exploring the area.

8. Nullarbor Plain, South Australia

 Nullarbor PlainAlmost treeless, the Nullarbor Plain is vast and flat. The stretch of land between Balladonia and Caiguna does not have even a single rise or bend. Though long, there is a lot you can expect to see and plenty of things to do as you go along. Those who love long drives, this plain is all you have been longing for.

9. The Simpson Desert

The Simpson DesertMiles and miles of sand dunes as far as your eyes can see – the Simpson Desert is captivating and challenging as well. The best time to explore is during winters, as summer temperatures can be draining and dangerous.

10. Heysen Trail, South Australia

Heysen TrailOnly devoted walkers should opt for this trail. This 1200 kilometre trail offers quaint towns, stunning coastlines, dramatic valleys and mountains. Overall, the Heysen Trail unveils the best of South Australian scenic beauty.
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