5 Days In Wonderland – The Perfect Serbia Itinerary!

5 Days In Wonderland – The Perfect Serbia Itinerary!

There are very few places in the world that leave you with a sense of admiration, a sense of enchantment, a sense of joy and Serbia is definitely one of those places. From its majestic mountains to its quaint alleyways, from its imperial fortresses to its raving parties, this country in the Southeast of Europe, leaves one and all bedazzled! If you plan on visiting Serbia anytime soon, don’t make it a ‘quick’ getaway. We recommend that you spend, at the very least, 5 days in this wonderland. This would ensure that you see the best, if not the most, of the country. Without further ado, here’s a 5-day Serbia itinerary.

The Perfect Serbia Travel Itinerary

Day 1 of Serbian Getaway

The Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade - Serbia itinerary
The Kalemegdan Fortress, AKA Belgrade Fortress
Your first day in Serbia should begin in its capital city of Belgrade. Dedicate this day to exploring the city’s stunning tourist attractions. After a hearty breakfast full of Serbian delicacies, head over to the Kalemegdan Fortress which has a history that is to be heard to be believed! There was once a time when the entire population of Belgrade used to fit inside the walls of this fortress.
Church of St. Sava Belgrade
The Church of St. Sava
Located a quick 5 minutes’ drive from the fortress is Skadarlija, a car-free, cobblestoned street that is lined with charming cafés and legendary restaurants. The Republic square is nearby, so you should check it out too. From here, head over to the Nicola Tesla Museum and find yourself falling in love with science! After getting fascinated by the museum’s interactive displays, head over Church of St. Sava and get fascinated by the church’s stunning architecture too! End your day on the river island of Ada Ciganlija. Located on the Sava river, this island is home to a handful of bars and restaurants, and you can spend one of the best evenings in Serbia here. Wondering when the best time to visit Serbia is? Click here to know!

Day 2 of things to do in Serbia

Millennium Tower in Zemun Serbia travel itinerary
The Millennium Tower in Zemun
Day 2 of your Serbia itinerary should again include a tour of Belgrade; 1 day is just not enough. This day will be the perfect blend of tourist attractions and travel experiences. You can begin with a stroll down Zemun, a town that became a part of Belgrade much later but has still retained its individuality. While there, do check out the historic Millennium Tower, also known as Gardoš Tower. This can be followed up by a visit to the interesting Museum Of Contemporary Art. From here, a quick 10 minutes’ walk will take you to the Eternal Flame, a memorial dedicated to the victims of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.
serbia food Cevapcici
A delicious plate of Cevapcici
The rest of the day can be spent indulging in memorable experiences of Belgrade. You could take a bite into the delicious Cevapcici or you could experience the lifestyle of the royals at the Princess Ljubica Residence. You could also party on a floating Splav (raft) till dawn! Here’s a list of 7 Memorable Experiences To Have On Your Belgrade Holiday! Wondering where to stay in Serbia? Click here for the best hotel deals!

Day 3 of 5 days in Serbia itinerary

The Petrovaradin Fortress Novi Sad travel itinerary
The Petrovaradin Fortress
Your third day in Serbia will see you on the road, heading towards the captivating city of Novi Sad. A journey of approximately 3.30 hours by bus (or an hour if you rent a car and drive down) you should keep this travel duration in mind while planning your itinerary. Once you reach Novi Sad, probably by noon, the first thing you should do is check out the splendid Petrovaradin Fortress. Located on the banks of the Danube river, this regal fortress is also the place where the epic EXIT music festival takes place every year.
Strand Novi Sad Serbia
The Štrand is a sandy beach on the banks of the Danube
Next on your Novi Sad itinerary should be the beautiful Danube Park, especially if you are visiting with family and kids; you could have a fun picnic there. End your day by relaxing at the Štrand, a sandy beach on the banks of the Danube. Click here for the Serbia visa guide

Day 4 of your vacation in Serbia

Bishop’s Palace Novi Sad tourist attractions
The Bishop’s Palace in Novi Sad
You get an entire day to explore the magic that is Novi Sad. This day should be full of the city’s beautiful attractions and unforgettable experiences. Some must visit places include the Freedom Square, which is home to the most iconic buildings in the city - the Catholic Cathedral and the City Hall, the Bishop’s Palace along with its statue of the popular Novi Sad poet Jovan Jovanović Zmaj, and the Matica Srpska Library and Gallery. Check out this 1-day itinerary of Novi Sad for further details. Stunning images of Serbia that will give you wanderlust!

Day 5 of Serbia travel itinerary

Krusedol Monastery Fruška Gora National Park Serbia travel itinerary
The Krusedol Monastery within the Fruška Gora National Park
Located around half an hour away from Novi Sad is the Fruška Gora National Park, Serbia’s oldest national park. Made up of lush rolling hills covered in ancient forests, magnificent Orthodox monasteries, picturesque villages, splendid vineyards and a rich flora and fauna, this national park is a must visit for anybody visiting Serbia. Activities you can undertake within the Fruška Gora National Park include hiking, off-road biking, fishing, rock climbing (under expert guidance) and exploring the historic monasteries. After spending a day full of adventure, you can leave for Belgrade by early evening. That’s because you’ll have to cover a distance of approximately 88 kilometers from the Fruška Gora National Park to the capital city. And thus, your 5 days in Serbia travel itinerary will come to an end. Ready to make superb memories now? Check out these extraordinary Serbia holiday packages.
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