Is Serbia a good place to visit in spring? Check out these...

Is Serbia a good place to visit in spring? Check out these 8 images and be your own judge

The nameless house on the rock on the Drina river
House on the Drina river
As a tourist, you might have skipped this Balkan nation, and instead have opted to visit the other popular ones. But it's never too late to explore this gem called Serbia. The vibrant cities will keep you engaged with their lively cafes, pubs, and restaurants, whereas, the quaint towns will lure you with their scenic beauty. Dense forests, wild rivers, deep gorges and canyons - there is nothing as dramatic as the Serbian wilderness. Adventure runs deep in Serbia and so does history - make the most of your time in this country full of choices and you will never return home disappointed. So, is Serbia a good place to visit? Just read about these 8 attractions in Serbia, marvel at their pictures and you will have your answer. Oh, and tell us your views in the comment section below, we'd love to hear from you!

1. The dominating Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade

The stunning view of Belgrade from Kalemegdan Fortress - top cities to visit in serbia
Statue of Victory - Kalemegdan Fortress
The dynamic capital city of Belgrade is always high on energy. The vibrant city is famous for its nightlife and historical sites - that can give its European counterparts a run for their money! You will find floating pubs on the River Danube and Sava, world-class restaurants by the river banks, and countless galleries, museums and monuments. If you are planning to visit Belgrade, the Kalemegdan Fortress should be on the top of must-visit places to see in Belgrade. The ruins of the old citadel still stands tall and is the symbol of the city. Take a stroll in the Kalemegdan Park and bask in the matchless views of the city.

2. The wonderful Novi Sad

The great view of the city of Novi Sad
Novi Sad
Undoubtedly one of the best cities in Serbia and also the second largest, Novi Sad is wonderful in its own little ways. Squares brimming with cafes, neoclassical buildings, churches, and the famous Petrovaradian Fortress are a few of the things that make this city worth travelling to. And of course, not to forget the most sought after, and one of the biggest outdoor festivals of Europe - the Exit Festival in the month of July, that transforms this city into one massive party hub. Over an hour away from the capital, explore this gem of the Vojvodina region, as you travel from Belgrade to Novi Sad. Serbia spring packages

3. The iconic, nameless cabin on River Drina

The iconic house on rock in Tara National Park
House on the River Drina
This unnamed house on the River Drina was built by some local boys in 1968, just outside the town of Bajina Bašta. For a few years it was the favourite resting place for local swimmers, until one fine day, National Geographic named the photograph - 'Photo of the Day'. Since then, this house on the rock has become iconic. Surrounded by the picturesque Tara National Park, this landmark has to be one of the best places to visit in Serbia.

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4. The photogenic Golubac Fortress

The magnificent Golubac Fortress on the banks of River Danube
Medieval Golubac Fortress on Danube river
After bearing the brunt of constant battle and several invasions for years, this 14th century fortress is still impressive as ever. Sitting on the banks of River Danube, this architectural marvel has been drawing admirers in great numbers. Comprising of 10 towers, the stunning Golubac Fortress has caught the fancy of several avid photographers and hence it is the most photographed monument of Serbia - making it one of the top Serbia tourist attractions. While touring the eastern part of the country, don't miss the Djerdap National Park, Djerdap gorge, and the archaeological site, Lepenski Vir.

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5. The ever-popular Zlatibor

House on the scenic landscape of Zlatibor mountain, Serbia
Idyllic rural scene in Zlatibor
If you love hiking and skiing, then you would love Zlatibor. Some 200-odd kilometers away from the Serbian capital city, Belgrade, is the stunning town of Zlatibor - a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventures. Go on a hiking spree and witness some of the best scenic spots this country has to offer. For ski junkies, the mini ski resort of Tornik is an absolute delight. Wondering what to visit in Serbia? Zlatibor is the definite answer.

 6. The charming Drvengard or ‘Timber Town’

Old timber town of Drvengrad
Traditional village Drvengrad Mecavnik
In the quaint Mokra Gora valley, lies the village of Drvengrad. Built for a film ‘Life is a Miracle', the village now serves as an open-air museum. The small charming village has restaurants, museums, galleries, and apartments for rent. Throughout the year, one can attend music festivals, film festivals, or cultural workshops - the choices are aplenty. Are you still stuck on "Is Serbia a good place to visit?" Here's another Balkan nation that is equally stunning - Montenegro. Check it out.

7. The dramatic Tara National Park

The stunning view of the canyon in Tara National Park - serbia tourist spots
National Park, Tara Mountain
Wilderness at its best is the Tara National Park. It is home to several bird species and many endangered animals. The highlight of this national park is the Drina River canyon. Go river rafting or kayaking here; choose what suits your idea of water sports. In addition, the park has over 200 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails. Explore this dramatic wilderness once and you will be left asking for more. Your holidays in Serbia will be incomplete without a visit to this Balkan gem!

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8. The magnificent Studenica Monastery

The beautiful Monastery Studenica surrounded by mountains - where to go in serbia
Fortified Monastery Studenica
The largest monastery of Serbia, the magnificent Studenica Monastery is truly a work of art. The 12th century religious compound was founded by Serbia's medieval ruler, Stefan Nemanja. Situated in the Raška district of central Serbia, this designated UNESCO Heritage Site has three churches remaining out of the original nine. Take a hike up in the mountains to see the churches built in Byzantine and Romanesque style, and the frescoes that are equally awe-inspiring. Let a peaceful and spiritual journey begin, as you make your way to the beautiful Studenica Monastery.

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