Shopping In Armenia: Insider tips to buying the best souvenirs here!

Shopping In Armenia: Insider tips to buying the best souvenirs here!

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If you want to savour an authentic experience shopping in Armenia, especially handmade goods, handicrafts and antiques, Armenia is right up your alley. Alternatively, if your taste in shopping is a tad modern, the country also has a few malls and established department stores, especially in the bigger cities. Right from sprawling flea markets to quaint art galleries to massive malls, Armenia will offer shoppers something that piques their interest.

The Best Places for Shopping in Armenia!


Looking to buy some unique souvenirs for your loved ones back home? Vernissage is the place you’re looking for! An incredible flea market located in the capital city of Yerevan, Vernissage offers everything from circuit board components to carpets, to handicrafts, Soviet relics, books, memorabilia, flags, ceramics, jewellery, paintings, woodwork, knives, and more!

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Yerevan Mall

When it comes to shopping in Armenia, the glitzy Yerevan Mall is highly sought-after by tourists and locals alike, not only for its endless shopping avenues but also its extraordinary architecture! This mall is a perfect place for shopping as well as entertainment, and features top brands stores like NewYorker, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear, Zara, and more.

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Dalan Art Gallery

It’s one of the oldest Armenian souvenir shops located on the beautiful Abovyan Street, which also happens to be the oldest street of Yerevan. Dalan is a favourite among tourists and locals; it’s the perfect place to shop for all kinds of souvenirs, at an affordable rates.  
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Dalma Mall

The Dalma Mall is a lovely, sprawling, two-storied entertainment and shopping complex located near the centre of Yerevan. With its ritzy galleries, and panoramic elevators, Dalma Mall is an ideal place to shop for shoes, perfumes, accessories, gold, gadgets, branded products, and more. Featuring cafeterias, pizzerias, cinemas, and bowling options, this mall is also an incredible venue for foodies and entertainment seekers. It is also a fun place for children, as it features a lovely playground!

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Cafesjian Center of the Arts

A fan of contemporary art? A visit to Cafesjian Center of the Arts is a must. The center has two expansive garden galleries and five halls to exhibit designers creations. This multi-level art center has a gift shop that houses books, handmade dolls, designer items made of ceramics – a great source of quality souvenirs

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Gumi Shuka Market

If you are looking to soak in the feel of a local food market, visit the Gumi Shuka market in Yerevan. A quaint food market with an old-world feel, Gumi Shuka is a mystical place bustling with bakers, local farmers, and food vendors, selling everything ranging from meat to vegetables, to spices, fruits, sausages, dried fruits, and more. This bustling market is bound to give you the most authentic experience of shopping in Armenia.
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