Shopping in Azerbaijan

Shopping in Azerbaijan

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No matter where one travels to, we always want to bring a part of that place back home. Azerbaijan, the jewel of the South Caucasus, is not only a country of rich culture and beautiful landscape, but it also is the perfect place to buy knicks-knacks to adorn your house and remind you of your delightful vacation in this wondrous country. With Azerbaijan tourism booming in the last few years, the joy of visiting this Eurasian country has doubled.

Shopping in Baku

With a good number of expatriate population residing in this gorgeous country, the markets are flooded with branded items; the prices are reasonable and variety is satisfying. And, if like any other tourists, you are interested in laying your hands on local art and crafts, you would be happy to know that Azerbaijan and its cities, have streets flooded with sellers selling silk, handicrafts and other artefacts.

Shopping in Azerbaijan: What to buy?

Aforementioned, one could find all great branded stuff at Azerbaijan malls, from purses, clothes, to perfumes to shoes. But if you are looking for local produce to take home as souvenir, you can check out refrigerator-magnets, the colourful Azerbaijan’s silk scarfs, regional pottery items which are available as plates, bowls, etc. Art-lovers can check out crude oil paintings or the “neft paintings” as they are popularly known as. The ‘Neft paintings’ are painted with crude oil from Azerbaijan that depicts oil towers, life in the city in the prehistoric times or even the Flame Towers. You can find affordable “neft” paintings from local artists in the various souvenir shops.

Shopping in Azerbaijan: Where to buy from?

Here are the top 5 Shopping malls and centre of Azerbaijan where you must not miss shopping at.

TsUM Shopping Store or MUM

One of oldest departmental store of Baku, this shopping centre is one of the prominent shopping places in the city. The four floors of this huge store sell everything from wedding dresses to electronics. Another USP of this shopping centre is that it is located right in the heart of the town of Baku. Your one-stop shop for everything you need and a lot more. Do not miss out on checking out its various services from locally produced goods to branded goods to handicrafts to branded stuff.

Nizami Street

Named after famous Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, Nizami Street is one of the most well-known shopping streets in Baku. Check out its variety of shops: supermarkets to small shops selling souvenirs and other branded stuff. Walking down this busy street will definitely sharpen your bargaining skills.

Fountain Square

Looking for high-end brands that are both classy and chic? Head towards Fountain Square, right in the very heart of Baku city, where you can find a good number of high-end shops. Once you are done shopping you can also choose to chill at any of the stylish restaurants and hotels, lined up at Fountain Square.

Taza Bazaar

A Caviar Paradise, Taza Bazar, is one of the oldest and biggest street markets of Azerbaijan that sells everything, from fruits to vegetables to nuts and flowers.  One may also find, Baku Beluga which is considered the rarest caviar in the world.

House of Craftsmen

It is very easy to be taken for ride when it comes to buying genuine items in Azerbaijan. Head to House of Craftsmen, if you are looking for wide range of authentic knick-knacks to be taken back home. House of Craftsmen is located in Sheki, Azerbaijan.