Shopping in Bosnia
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Bosnia Shopping

One of southern Europe’s hidden jewels, Bosnia and Herzegovina is fast-becoming a popular tourist destination and a shopping hub, and it’s easy to see why. Stunning landscapes combined with historical and cultural heritages is helping the country in becoming a popular tourist destination rapidly. Shopping in Bosnia-Herzegovina is a truly unique experience. Read on and learn about the best deals and places to shop in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Markets and fairs are common in towns and cities where all kinds of artisans sell their handiwork. You can find fresh and cooked food is everywhere, along with jewellery, clothing and souvenirs. The central Bosnia region and the town of Visoko are popular for quality leather work.

There are large shopping centers and malls in the cities, but it is more fun to visit bazaars and boutique shops. Haggling is acceptable in most markets and expect inflated prices if you are a foreigner. Bringing a local Bosnian with you to help get a better deal.

Shopping in Sarajevo:

If you plan to shop in Sarajevo, get set for some exciting and adventurous shopping in the crowded shopping alleys. Large shopping centres do exist but you cannot escape the charm and great prices in the narrow shopp ing lanes. The souk area in Sarajevo is a good place to shop for souvenirs and local goods. You can buy handmade shoes and sandals from a popular shop Andar, near the Emperor’s mosque in the capital city. Next to Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque is a fair trade store known as BHcrafts which sells handmade products right from accessories to clothing and home decor.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is best known for its clothes and shoes. These are relatively cheap and of great quality. The best place to shop for leather is Visoko and the central region of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mostar, the capital of Herzegovina, with its fancy shopping malls is ideal for clothes, especially the typical European styled ones.

Brass Alley in Sarajevo's tourist district of Old Town, is brimming with tiny quaint shops selling brass, silver and copper goods. You will find a lot of Turkish influence in the wares made here. Turkish coffee grinders, which easily pass off as pepper mills, coffee sets and ornate platters, peep out of most stores. The colourful wooden shops dotting the pink stoned medieval alleys of Bascarsija Market in the old town is a must visit for some good bargains.

Most markets in Bosnia-Herzegovina have eateries for the tired shoppers to catch a bite and relax between their shopping sprees. While your eyes are hunting for that perfect bargain, be careful and haggle properly to get the best deals while shopping in Bosnia. It is a practice among sellers to shout to attract buyers to their stores. They can be extremely persuasive so it's a good idea to take out some extra time to browse through the different stores in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The items in most stores are identical. Though the items are not mass produced, it does take a little digging to find something unique. Bosnia and Herzegovina is not big on shopping, though there are some interesting places to get traditional items.

Like in most tourist shopping havens, prices may be inflated for foreigners. All prices are negotiable and it is a good idea to strike a deal if you are buying multiple items. You can surely take home a great Bosnia-Herzegovina souvenir to please your loved ones.

What to buy in Bosnia:

Bosnia and Herzegovina is mostly famous for its intricate embroidery, handmade carpets, and woodcarvings. Ceramics, brass coffee pots, tapestries and woollen wear are some of the other souvenirs to look for while here, along with the local wine.

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