Street shopping- best places to shop in Tbilisi

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Shopping is an integral part of a memorable vacation - apart from beautiful memories that you will cherish of the beautiful country, Georgia, bringing back cute souvenirs that will remind you of the good times spent here, is equally important. To make it easier for you, we've put together a shopping guide for Georgia, Europe.

Shopping in Georgia - Shop in Tbilisi

An eclectic culture laden with years of mesmerizing history coupled with an expanding arts scene, is slowly helping the Georgian capital city, Tbilisi in creating a unique experience of shopping in Georgia, Europe. The elegant shopping capital of Georgia - Tbilisi is making a name for itself with its ever-expanding array of shops, the popular shopping malls in Georgia, a developing culinary scene, Art Deco architecture, unique antiques and some of the world’s most exciting array of wines! The country’s presence in Europe and its own handicrafts industry ensures high quality products and local produces which can be carried back home as souvenirs. The historic Bridge Market is a great place to shop in Georgia and buy some inexpensive souvenirs. No matter what you are looking for, there is something for everyone. Some of the unique souvenirs which can be brought back home from Georgia, Europe includes wine stored in little clay jugs and hand-painted clay bottles from which one can savour the delightful Georgian wines. Here's our list of the top 5 places to shop in the city of Tbilisi or in the country, Georgia.

Best Places for Souvenir Shopping in Tbilisi - Shopping malls in Tbilisi

1. Dry Bridge Flea Market, Tbilisi

One of the best places to shop in Tbilisi is the flea market located in Tbilisi’s historic Old Town near the Dry Bridge. Open from 10 am till 5 pm, the Dry Bridge Flea Market is a place where you can buy typical and popular Tbilisi souvenirs:

  • Beginning with eye-catching antique jewelry, old sepia photographs to silver cutlery items, one can also come across shops selling soviet-era medals and uniforms and other antique items for home decor.
  • You will also find art shops selling oil paintings here.
  • A typical Georgian souvenir - traditional drinking horns called Kantsi, made from animal horns & tipped with silver or metal, used for drinking wine.
  • Chances of coming across antique or semi-antique Russian and European items are also high!
  • Old stamps, vinyls, gramophone records, books, porcelein, pottery, ancient lamps, WWII hats, knives and various similar knick-knacks. If you're an antique junkie, don't miss this place. As they say, one man's junk is another's treasure! You might just stumble across some genuine, valuable antique from the bygone era!

You can spend several hours simply exploring and wandering around the narrow lanes of this market, and it will not disappoint you.

Pro tip: Brush up your bargaining skills, and you can definitely land some good deals here!

2. East Point Shopping & Entertainment Center, Tblisi: Georgia’s largest shopping mall

The shopping capital of Georgia - Tbilisi is a relatively new brand shopping and entertainment centre, which is the largest of its kind in the country. Spreads over 24 hectares, the East Point Shopping and Entertainment complex provides customers the opportunity to shop, dine and play all at the same location.

So if you're a family with children, this would be your one stop shop for shopping, while the kids are kept busy at the movies or bowling alley! The East Point complex features IMAX technology with ten screen cinemas. This screen with IMAX technology is one of the largest in Europe. It also features children’s educational and entertainment area spreads over 3,500 sq. m.

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3. Shop for Georgian clothes at Samoseli Pirveli, Tbilisi

The traditional Georgian clothes are beautiful and very gracefully tailored. The shop, Samoseli Pirveli located at Tbilisi, Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue 22 is your best bet to shop for authentic and exclusively Georgian clothing like the chokha and the kartuli.
Circassian dress by @samoselipirveli #adiga photo by Irma Sharikadze @irmashariqadze A post shared by Samoseli Pirveli (@samoselipirveli) on

4. Meidan Bazaar - Soul of Old Tbilisi

An underground marketplace, the Median Bazaar is situated right under the heart of Old Tbilisi - the Median Square! If you want to shop for some traditional stuff, local souvenirs like handmade accessories, Georgian wine, delicacies and other things, then Meidan Bazaar is the best place to be. One of the oldest shopping bazaars in the Caucasus region, the Meidan Bazaar showcases the best of Georgia’s historic and cultural heritage. It allows tourists to taste local snacks and check out authentic Georgian artifacts. Here, in the heart of Old Tbilisi, you can buy national hats and costumes, bags, accessories, wines and books. Apart from shopping, you can also visit the historical and architectural monuments of old Tbilisi.

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5. Cloisonné jewellery shopping in Tbilisi

The jewelry artists in Georgia are famous for their expertise in creating gorgeous jewellery and artifacts using the ancient technique of cloisonné enamel art called minankari. If you plan to shop for jewellery in Georgia, don't miss out on Georgian cloisonné which is globally recognized for its artistic value. There are quite a few shops in Tbilisi that sell affordable, handcrafted artifacts that are quite popular among tourists:
  • Ornament Gallery, 7 Erekle II St, Tbilisi, Georgia, Phone: +995 322 98 90 13
  • Pokany Jewellery, 12 Sarajishvili Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Monte Art Shop, 11 Erekle II St, Tbilisi, Georgia
A beautiful brooch made of brass and Cloisonne Enamel crafted by Georgian artist, Cloisonne Enamel for the Ornament Gallery, Tbilisi. Pic courtesy: Facebook page of Ornament Gallery

6.Caucasian Carpets Gallery

Tbilisi is an excellent place to buy carpets and in the city you will find numerous carpet shops with a unique mix of Asian and European influences. The most recommended shop is the Caucasian Carpets Gallery, offering Georgian carpets in unique colours and patterns.

Rugs and carpets in tradition Georgian prints and patterns. The colours used mostly are dark red, brown, blue and yellow.
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What & where to buy in Tbilisi, Georgia (Eastern Europe)?

Apart from typical souvenirs like fridge magnets or "I love Georgia" t-shirts, there's a host of interesting things you can pick up from Georgia:
  • Blue Tablecloths of Georgia - Also known as "lurji supra", these traditional tablecloths of Georgia have been part of the country's culture for more than 300 years. They are blue since the traditional colour used in Georgia was indigo obtained through the indigo plant. The industry had nearly died out in Georgia , till it was revived a few years ago by a couple of design professors. Beautiful variations of these blue tablecloths are available in shops across Tbilisi. You can check out the shop "Gallery 27" on Betlemi Street, Meidan Square in Tbilisi and take home the perfect souvenir from Georgia!
  • Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, and Antique Jewellery – Due to its superior quality and cheap price, many tourists from all over the world visit Georgia to buy silver, gold and antique jewellery.
  • Art & Paintings – Producing small masterpieces is a part of Georgia’s everyday life. Here, you will find handmade cloth items, various paintings and art shops, apart from items of local handcrafts.
  • Antiques & Other Misc. Gifts – In the markets in Tbilisi, you will find many antiques that are not only from Georgia, but also from other European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern countries as well.
  • Georgian Wine - Georgia is famous for its wine, and Tbilisi has various traditional wine cellars where you can taste over 500 original varieties of wines.
  • Cognac - Georgian cognac is unique as it's made from Georgian wine.
  • Traditional Carpets and Shrugs - Caucasian Carpet gallery in the old part of Tbilisi is the place where you will find original hand-made carpets and shrugs brought from the mountainous Karabakh region.
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