10 sights that will urge you to visit Tallinn, Estonia, now!

10 sights that will urge you to visit Tallinn, Estonia, now!

Scenic summer aerial panorama of the Old Town in Tallinn

Hop on a ferry from Helsinki (Finland’s capital) and in less than three hours, across the Gulf of Finland, you will find yourself in the fairy tale-like city of Tallinn!

The capital city of Estonia, Tallinn takes you back to the medieval age. Full of brightly coloured houses, cobbled streets, century-old churches – Tallinn is a well-preserved ancient city that you need to visit on your next spring vacation. 

We bet you will not be able to hold yourself back after checking out the pictures of this breath-taking city. Tallinn is here to impress!

10 incredible pictures of Tallinn Estonia

 Narrow street in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia
Old town

The Old Town of Tallinn is one of the most sought-after medieval towns in Europe. It has well-preserved cobbled streets and colourful houses that automatically take you back to the 14th-century. Fancy quirky shops or galleries? Old Town is the the place to be!

Sunrise over the Twin towers of Viru Gate at the entrance to the old town- Must visit Tallin Estonia
Twin towers of Viru Gate

Just as you enter the Old Town, these twin towers are hard to miss. Couple of centuries ago, there were as many as 8 gates that were connected by towers and walls. Over the course of time, numerous gates had to be brought down to make way for the entrance of the Old Town. Once an integral part of the city’s defense system, these towers now serve as the gateway to the most charming medieval city of Europe.

Already in love with Tallinn? Finland is equally stunning, take a look!

Tourists on a sunny day at Town Hall Square of Tallinn
Town Hall Square of Tallinn

Unlike any other town square, the Town Hall Square of Tallinn is the heart of the city. Here you can admire some of the greatest works of Gothic architecture. The square is popular among locals and tourists as this is the place to meet, eat, and greet! Brimming with outdoor cafes and restaurants, the relaxed, good vibe is definitely contagious.

Saint Alexandr Nevsky church in the old town of Tallin - top places to visit Tallinn Estonia
Saint Alexandr Nevsky church

Tallinn is home to many ancient architectural marvels, especially when it comes to churches and cathedrals. The orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a living testament to the bygone Russian era. The 13th-century built St. Olaf’s Church is yet another spectacle to behold; the aerial view from its towers of the town is matchless.

Sprawling garden of Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn, Estonia
Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace was built by the Russian Czar, Peter the Great, to honour his wife Catherine I. A monument of true love, this palace is now a full-fledged museum and is surrounded by the Kadriorg Park – one of the biggest and stunning parks of Europe.

A cafe in St. Catherine Passage of Old Town of Tallinn
The Catherine’s Passage

The golden period of the Renaissance and the Baroque comes alive as you pass through the alley of Catherine’s Passage. Said to be built some 700 years ago, the alley is lined with residences which date back to the 15th century. Handicraft workshops can be found in abundance, and it is a thriving place for artists and craftsmen.

Scenic summer view of the Old Town and sea port harbor in Tallinn
Sea port harbor

The historic harbour city of Tallinn has become a favourite among seafarers. It is one of the top cruise destinations on the Baltic Sea. If you are fan of submarines and ships, do visit the biggest maritime museum in Europe – the Lenusadan Seaplane Harbour; it is definitely one of the best places to visit in Tallinn.

Traditional housing of the indigenous populations of Estonia - must-do things in Tallinn Estonia
Open-air museum in Tallinn

Located in the quiet seaside area of Rocca al Mare, the large Estonian Open-Air Museum is a recreation of 18-20th century villages. It is the best place to witness the way of life of rural Estonians and the architecture. The forested park consists of villages with farms, fishing sheds by the sea, historic windmills, wooden chapels, and even a village school. Shop for handicrafts, ride a horse, or relish a local Estonian dish at the inn – this gigantic open-air museum is for everyone.

Aerial View of Old Town and Toompea castle at blue hour Tallin
Toompea Castle

Built on a steep limestone hill, the Toompea Castle was initially constructed as a fortress but instead, it served as a seat of power for many centuries to come. It is now home to Riigikogu, Estonia’s parliament. The castle is the most important and impressive work of architecture in all of Tallinn.

Tallin Aerial View of Old Town from Toompea Hill with rainbow
View of the Old Town from Toompea Hill

An oblong shaped limestone hill, Toompea Hill is a must-see Tallinn attraction. The Kohtuotsa viewing platform on the hill gives an incredible view of the city. So make sure you get on the hill and be ready to make some noise on Instagram!

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