10 Spectacular Images Of Poland That’ll Make You Leave Everything And Go...

10 Spectacular Images Of Poland That’ll Make You Leave Everything And Go On A Polish Vacation!

Located in Central Europe, Poland is a mesmerizing amalgamation of many things- history, art, culture, architecture, gastronomy and natural beauty. Despite having a tragic past, Poland has managed to rise from its ashes, like a phoenix, more resilient and more beautiful. With its cobbled bylanes, its quaint market squares, its gleaming high-rises and its sunny sandy beaches, Poland is waiting to impress you. Are you strong enough to handle its hauntingly surreal beauty?

1. The scenic Old Town Square in Warsaw, Poland’s capital

2. The old town area of Torun city, reflecting beautifully in the Vistula river

3. A charming hiking trail in the lush green Tatra National Park

4. Horse carriages that pepper the main square in Krakow during the summers

5. Largest castle in the world- the colossal Malbork Castle

6. Statue of Neptune Fountain in the port city of Gdansk

7. Christmas celebrations at the medieval market square in Wroclaw

8. Spectacular sunrise at the tranquil pier in Sopot

9. The ethereal Bialowieza Forest that straddles Poland and Belarus

10. The Christmas delicacy of Pierogi (Polish dumplings)

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