Spring in New Zealand: 5 Adventure Activities to Experience

Spring in New Zealand: 5 Adventure Activities to Experience

New Zealand never fails to surprise tourists with its pure natural beauty, thrilling outdoor activities and magnificent architectural marvels! Spring, falling in the months of September, October and November, is a good time to explore the enchanting nation. In this season, the weather can alter from hot and sunny to cold and frosty. Be ready for an unpredictable climate! During spring in New Zealand, lush greenery covers the landscape and flowers bloom flaunting their lovely colours. Here's a brief list of travel experiences to cherish worth your travel itinerary.

1.  Learn to Surf in Raglan

Surfer at sunset

A chilled out coastal town west of Hamilton, Raglan is known for its superb surfing. It was featured in the 1966 cult surfing movie Endless Summer and at Manu Bay, it is possible to catch a wave and cruise for up to two kilometres on the long, consistent left-hand break (if you know what you are doing.) You can take surfing lessons with Raglan Surf School and learn how to ride the waves or just chill out in one of the funky cafes.

2.  Wine Tastings on Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand

Waiheke Island is a paradise that can be easily reached via a ferry from Auckland. It offers a great range of activities, from hikes to outdoor sculpture exhibitions to bike rides to water sports and much more. The warm, dry weather and excellent soil condition marks this as a top wine-making region, so take a tour of the many excellent wineries on the island. Do try out this experience during spring in New Zealand.

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3. Waterfall Hiking in the Catlins

Catlins, New Zealand

The Catlins is a stunning, lush and green area in the South-East corner of the South Island of New Zealand, which is very well known for its wildlife, beaches and waterfalls. Take the hike to Purakanui Falls, which is located in the Purakaunui Falls Scenic Reserve. To reach the waterfall you will need to leave the highway and travel down the backroads, then take a 20-minute walk through the forest. The journey is worth it when you reach the magnificent thundering waterfall.

4. Heli-Hiking Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier, South Island, New Zealand

Want a break from the heat? Cool down by exploring this incredible wall of ice. Spring in New Zealand is a great time to visit the Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island because there will be clear skies and very little rain. A heli-hiking trip will take you exploring on some of the most remote and breath-taking parts of the glacier.

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5. Snorkelling at Cathedral Cove

Coromandel Peninsula, North Island NewZealand

Take a trip to explore this magnificent marine reserve, located on the Coromandel Peninsula. Head to Gemstone Bay, which features a snorkelling trail where you can swim through a series of markers that carry information about the vibrantly hued underwater species you will encounter – including butterfish, red moki, crayfish and marble fish. Give this a shot during the spring in New Zealand!

Convinced about visiting one of these places for a vacation trip? Here is what you can expect and need to prepare for on your trip to New Zealand.

What to Pack?

A. In the spring season, the weather can be both cool and hot. So, bring along a few lightweight layers that you can take on and off to adjust to the temperature. Merino Wool is the best fabric to wear, as it is thin yet very warm, packs well and wicks away sweat.

B. A waterproof jacket is also a good idea.

C. A pair of pants that can convert from shorts to long trousers are a great option – as they perform double duty and are great for hiking.

D. Don’t forget to bring a sturdy pair of hiking shoes. There are a lot of fantastic trails that you will want to explore.

Kelly Dunning is a nomadic, Canadian freelance travel writer who has been working from the road since the past 5 years, offering travel tips, stories and inspiration.

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