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Home of golden sand beaches, majestic mountains with carpets of lush green rolled down their sides and utopian hideaways along the coast, Sri Lanka is the epitome of ‘something out of a dream’. Come along as I recall a few of the most exquisite locales in the island nation that are sure to bewitch you forever.


Resting on the chest of a picturesque valley, Ella is a little hillside town whose quietness, to me, spoke volumes – amplifying the spectacular view all around. Together, the forested countryside and its’ pure silence paints an otherworldly picture. Offering awe-inspiring views of the tea-plantations nestling on the slopes along with the Ravana Ella Falls to the south, Ella is a heart-breakingly beautiful sanctuary that promises to comfort you from the astir buzz of the urban life.



Defying the test of time, the 16th Century Old Town in Galle is home to historic landmarks such as the Clock Tower and the Old Dutch Fort. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once your eyes catch sight of the colonial architecture cast against the backdrop of the vast Indian Ocean, you’ll know exactly why.


Further along the coast to the east from Galle lays the small sun-soaked utopia of Mirissa, where the blue waters of the sea slowly wash up on the golden stretches of sand, where one can have their breath taken away by schools of whales and dolphins – Mirrisa is what Sri Lankan beaches are all about. By the time I had finished watching the enchanting sunset from the waterfront, the vibrant nightlife had already hummed to life.



Northeast to the capital Colombo, the holy city of Kandy is a revered and celebrated haven to followers of Buddhism and traditional culture enthusiasts. Nestled in the hills not far from the Bogambara Lake, Kandy is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth, and every year in August, the ten-day festival of Esala Perahera kindles a grandiose outpouring into the streets.

Whether the memory from Sri Lanka you hold dearest is being swept by the chilly winds and the straggling clouds in Ella, or rejuvenating in the warmth of the playful sun beneath the palm trees in Mirissa – it is one that is sure to become a permanent resident in a corner of your heart.