Sri Lanka In Pictures – A Pictorial Evidence Of ‘Paradise Does Exist’!

Sri Lanka In Pictures – A Pictorial Evidence Of ‘Paradise Does Exist’!

Sri Lanka in pictures
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  ‘So much in so little’ is the true description of the small island-nation, Sri Lanka. You will literally be slack-jawed at how a tiny country can have such diverse ranges of landscapes; from highlands and sandy beaches to rainforest and arid plains, and how it embodies so much beauty and wonder. Right from enjoying a calm sunrise from Adam’s peak while soaking in the sweeping views of the valley unfolding beneath, to relishing endless tropical beaches, watching elephants bathe at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, to savouring scenic train journeys, Sri Lanka amazes tourists with its varied experiences. Talking about the cities, Anuradhapura is home to numerous ruins dating back over 2,000 years, like Jetavanaramaya, the tallest brick-made structure in the world. Move to Nuwara Eliya, the most beautiful highland city with picturesque landscapes and moderate temperatures, to escape the tropical climate. To enjoy spectacular sunsets, come to the idyllic beaches of this island-nation, where you can witness local stilt fishermen displaying their extraordinary fishing skills. Savour the nation’s popular fish curries and rice, lovingly served in mud pots. By night time, head to Colombo, where glitzy sky scrapers and world-class luxurious hotels lined along the sea-shore, will comfort your senses. Short distance-flights from UAE, affordable itineraries, eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), and welcoming locals further make Sri Lanka an irresistible land. Check out some stunning images that beautifully sum up what Sri Lanka tourism is all about!

Sunrise at Adam’s peak with mesmerizing sweeping views of the valleys


A tropical beach sporting coconut and palm trees, and fine, untouched sand


Stunning views of Buddha temple located at the Matara Island of Sri Lanka


The Golden Temple in Dambulla – a UNESCO World Heritage Site


Jetavanaramaya, the tallest brick-made structure in the world located in Jetavana, Anuradhapura


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya, the huge enigmatic ancient rock fortress


The Royal Garden, surrounding the Sigiriya rock, dotted with charming landscapes and water gardens


Lake Gregory in heart of Nuwara Eliya – the most beautiful highland city with picturesque landscapes of tea plantations


The scenic train journey from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy overlooking Asia’ biggest tea plantation


Elephants bathing at the famous Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage


Macaques, a genus of Old World monkeys, lazing around at the Sigiriya Lion Rock Fortress


Handcrafted reed and rush products like baskets, handbags, hats, and table mats, beautified with colourful patterns


A local stilt fisherman displaying his extraordinary fishing skills, against the backdrop of a stunning sunset


The nation’s popular fish curry and rice, lovingly served in mud pots


A rustic bicycle loaded with refreshing coconuts


Night time in Colombo with glitzy sky scrapers and world-class luxurious hotels lined along the sea-shore

shutterstock_465960245Know more about how to reach Sri Lanka and ways to get around!

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