Step Back in Time by Visiting these Roman Landmarks of Barcelona

Step Back in Time by Visiting these Roman Landmarks of Barcelona

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The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona is a beauty to be explored and admired. The city’s architecture is forever evolving, streets are forever buzzing and tourist attractions are forever flocked by celebrities.

Focusing on its history, Barcelona was founded by the Romans in the Middle Ages. That being so, many Roman monuments were created and developed during this period, of which, only a handful exist today. They may not be in the best shape but they are attractive and speak volumes of the glorious past. If you have plans to spend time in Barcelona, head to these Roman landmarks without a seed of doubt in your mind.

Portal del Bisbe

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Portal del Bisbe, situated in the Bisbe Street of the Gothic Quarter, is a popular landmark of Barcelona. Its name translates to ‘Tower of the Bishop’ in English. The tower belongs to the 1st century B.C but its name was coined years later. Portal del Bisbe is the only remnant of an ancient Roman wall that existed here long time back. Those who wish to get a rough idea of what the city looked like in the olden days, must explore the area encircling it.

Temple of Augustus


The Temple of Augustus was a Roman place of worship dedicated to Emperor Augustus – the first ruler of the Roman Empire. Today you can go and observe the ruins of it. Three columns of the Temple of Augustus were discovered in a construction site and the fourth column was added to it later. No entrance fee is charged.

Plaça Ramon Berenguer

Plaza de Ramon Berenguer

Plaça Ramon Berenguer is a spectacular square featuring an equestrian statue of the Count of Barcelona - Ramon Berenguer III. This bronze figure was inaugurated in 1950. Not many may know, but it is a duplicate of an earlier statue made by Josep Llimona for the Barcelona Universal Exposition of 1888. The Roman walls in the backdrop make the sight inexplicably attractive.

Barcelona Package

Barcelona City History Museum

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Barcelona City History Museum is an impressive 3-floor building that presents a timeline of Barcelona right from the Roman ages to the present times. It was inaugurated in 1943 after the Spanish Civil War. The Barcelona City History Museum has set up many heritage sites discoverable around the city.

Plaça del Rei

Plaza del Rai

Plaça del Rei, meaning the ‘King’s Square’, is a renowned public square constructed in 14th century. Located in Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, it is fairly large in size. However, you can miss it as it blends aptly with the background. Some of the historical buildings explorable here are Palau del Lloctinent Virey and Torre Mirador del Rei Marti. Visit Plaça del Rei during dusk when local musicians and street artists entertain the crowds.