13 Stunning Images That Prove Why Greece Is Still The Heart Of...

13 Stunning Images That Prove Why Greece Is Still The Heart Of Mediterranean!

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Images of Greece
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Wish to head out on a fascinating Greek vacation? If so, the world’s most breath-taking beaches, beautiful landscapes, towering mountains, alluring 5th century landmarks, picturesque villages, and mesmerizing islands of Greece are waiting to completely satiate your soul and mind. Indeed, the stories of Greek’s beauty would remain incomplete without the country’s white-washed houses, cobbled streets, warm hospitality of the locals and their sophisticated lifestyle. A wonderful Mediterranean climate, aquamarine blue waters, year-round sunshine and amazing places like Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, Corfu, Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes and many more are enough to captivate you for the rest of your life. This is better time to visit Greece. The country is recovering from a painful economic recession and as a result, heavily dependent of tourism. The cost of tourism is still low as compared to other European countries and this ideally help the travellers to enjoy a more authentic experience of Greece. Need more persuasion, check out some stunning images that manifest Greece and gives an essential overview of the nation.

Sunrise at Astypalaia, a slice of heaven on earth


Colourful Greek restaurants in Kalymnos, Dodecanese islands


The fascinating 5th century landmarks of Acropolis, Athens


Traditional windmill in Oia, the most gorgeous village of Santorini island


The iconic Mandraki harbour in Rhodes island


Sunset at Santorini, the world’s most romantic island in Cyclades islands


A typical Greek tavern in little Venice, the part of Mykonos island


Rhodes island, famous for historic landmarks and pristine beaches

shutterstock_588105089 Swimming pool with sea and mountain view on coast of Kefalonia island in Agia Efimia village


 Lovely fishing boats in a port of Greece


Delicious Moussaka, a tradition Greek dish with lots of flavours


Classic feta salads, the ultimate savoury of the Mediterranean


The panoramic view of Meteora in Trikala, Greece


Enjoy the calm and magical nights of Greece!


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