Taiwan Tourism: 15 Stunning Images Capture the Beauty of Taiwan!

Taiwan Tourism: 15 Stunning Images Capture the Beauty of Taiwan!

Stunning Images of Taiwan
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Mist-laden hills, majestic sunrises on windswept islands and thick forests with wooden walkways; vibrant democracy topped by a liberal society, a rapidly developing metropolis where the ancestors are still worshipped – Taiwan (officially known as the Republic of China) is a mesmerising mix of the old and the new. Traditionally, often overlooked in favour of its giant neighbour, China, times are changing in Taiwan. It is successfully emerging as an enticing tourism destination of the Far East and is all set to join the illustrious list of best places to visit in 2018.

Taiwan has left names like South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Macau in its wake to become the most-sought after destination for the year 2018. Taiwan’s emphasis on sustainable tourism has led to the creation of 13 National Scenic Areas, 9 National Parks and about 18 National Forest Areas successfully protecting the striking scenic beauty of the island and its fragile ecology.

You will find an eclectic variety of Chinese, Japanese and local food items; however, Taiwan is much more than that. Delve deeper into Taiwan’s historic towns and fabulous urban centres like Taipei, New Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taichung, and you will get a glimpse of its rich culture, food, shopping, nightlife and general way of life. Check out 15 stunning images that effectively captures the beauty of Taiwan!

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei sizzles all-round the year with stylish contemporary architecture amidst a backdrop of hills and dense forests.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Taipei City
Taipei at Sunset

Despite the presence of swanky and stylish skyscrapers, Taiwan has also preserved the Chinese traditional architecture like the famous Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – National Theatre
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial

There is an element of drama and rich colonial history evident in the remains of Longteng Bridge in Sanyi, Miaoli County, which was felled by two earthquakes.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Longteng Bridge
Destroyed Longteng Bridge

Check out Kaohsiung, a popular tourist location in Taiwan.

Windswept beaches, majestic sunrises and sunsets and traditional fishing boats are the highlights of Lanyu.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Lanyu
Lanyu Beach in Orchid Island

Kenting National Park has splendid beaches, farmlands, flower fields, lighthouses and wallpaper- worthy landscapes.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park

Alishan National Scenic Park has unspoilt and pristine forests dotted with beautiful walking trails, train rides, nature walks and cultural tours.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Alishan National Scenic Park
Alishan National Scenic Park

Yushan National Park has some of the most picturesque landscapes of Taiwan like green rolling hills with mist laden silvery clouds and the iconic Mount Yushan.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Yushan National Park
Yushan National Park

Even the gorge, rivers, canyons and caves look pristine in Taiwan – an example is the majestic Taroko National Park.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Taroko National Park
Taroko National Park

The Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area is a gem – renowned for its poetic beauty and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake
Sun Moon Lake

Springs herald the cherry blossom season in Taiwan and the best place to admire the landscapes bathed in spring colours is the famous Sakura Garden of Wuling Farm in Taichung County.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Sakura Garden, Wuling Farm
Sakura Garden, Wuling Farm

One of the greatest cultural fests of Taiwan is the famous lantern festivals and the best place to see the bright colourful red lanterns floating in the night sky is at the Taipei Lantern Festival.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei Lantern Festival

The annual Flower Festival at Fushoushan draws plenty of photographers and tourists to the acres of blooming flower fields under clear blue skies speckled with silvery- white clouds.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Fushoushan Flower Festival
Fushoushan Flower Festival

Taiwanese cuisine reflects the entire culinary spectrum of mainland China and Cantonese. It also has refined the art of gourmet cuisine.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Taiwanese cuisine
Taiwanese cuisine

Fast maglev trains have further connected the island’s interiors and tourism towns and cities in an efficient manner.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – Fast maglev trains
Taiwan High Speed Rail

Historic night markets dotted with colourful lanterns, restaurants and shops are a pretty sight – The night market of Jioufen Village is one such place.

Stunning Images of Taiwan – The night market of Jioufen Village
The night market of Jioufen Village