9 Terrifying Bridges Around the World That Will Make You Scream

9 Terrifying Bridges Around the World That Will Make You Scream

Much has changed since the days of wooden planks, ropes and stones being used to construct bridges to aid the movement of the humans easily across the water bodies or any other difficult terrain on the land. Today, as humans have evolved, so have these man-made structures. They have become iconic symbols of the modern-day cities and are not just engineering marvels but are also the symbol of advanced technology and development. But, how about bridges dangling high up in the air at a scary height which you can’t even use your vehicles to cross; instead you have to walk across these! If you’re not afraid of heights and have a sense of adventure, then you may want to check out these precarious and hair-rising scary bridges…

1. Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan

Iya Valley Vine Bridges, Japan Scary Trivia: 50 feet high, 147 feet long. Every step makes it wobble and if a couple of individuals cross at the same time, the wobble turns into a nightmare. You certainly require the vine hand rails to stay still. Back to one of those old, scary-looking bridges.  Ivy Valley Vine Bridge is made of bamboo pieces, which are held together by bits of tree vine. Somewhat Tarzan types, however, this is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. Not everything in Japan is as modern as we might think. There are a couple of bridges, like this, especially high in the forests and mountains. Of late, the bridge has been repaired by placing more bamboo sticks, but to think of it when the gaps between two logs were so big that one could actually slip through! 

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2. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Capilano bridge. North Vancouver. Canada

Scary Trivia: 230 feet high, 460 feet long. The wooden planks are placed on steel cables, which also makes the bridge very rigid. While walking across this creaky bridge, you can actually feel it bounce!

Every day, hundreds of people cross this old bridge to reach the other side. This bridge in Canada was built in 1889, this simple suspension footbridge is not very high and not very long, but it’s scary when a lot of people cross this bridge at the same time.

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3. Aiguille du Midi Bridge, France

Aiguille du Midi Bridge, France Scary Trivia: 12,605 feet high. Arriving at the bridge is itself an adventure, which requires a ride on a revolving cable car that climbs this height (9200 ft.) in just 20 minutes. The popular adage is ‘Don’t look down’ while crossing this bridge as it will send your heartbeats soaring and you might develop cold feet. This maybe one of the shortest bridges on the list, but once you are on this stunning bridge at that unfathomable height, pause for a second and look around to savour the spectacular beauty of the rocky French Alps. Fortunately, this bridge in France is short, making for an easy escape if you are dealing with acrophobia.

4. Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

Scary Trivia: 328 feet high, 558 feet long. One of the Alps’ longest and highest suspension bridge. Just like the Aiguille du Midi Bridge, you have to take the cable car to reach the top. High up in the Alps, the wind is very strong and the bridge shakes from side to side.

If you are brave enough, then you could stop in the middle, look down and admire the staggering view, especially a retreating glacier. I wonder how many people actually dare to do that, it’s just a little bit steep… A few years before, more hand rails and cables were added to make it safer. Still, walking over the narrow wooden planks provides an adrenaline rush like none other. This a must-see while touring Switzerland. 

5. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan Scary Trivia: 328 feet high, 558 feet long. The bridge is made of wooden planks placed over ropes. Many planks are missing, and strong winds shake the bridge as you cross it while the Borit Lake flows underneath. It does little to ease nerves that the remnants of a previous, older, broken bridge hangs in tatters next to the "new" one. It’s not surprising that people consider it the scariest rope bridge in the world. The aerial view suggests matchsticks dropped on two unstable strings and to make matters worse, when the ice melts, the river floods submerging the bridge. It is best advised to avoid crossing the bridge until there is a pressing need.

6. U Pain Bridge, Myanmar

U-Ben Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar

Scary Trivia: 15 feet high, 3937 feet long. Just a few meters above the ground level, this bridge has no any hand rails and is affected by the typhoons.

If you fear heights and are scared of traversing any of the bridges mentioned above, then this is the one for you. You might think what makes it so scary? The answer is the weather (monsoon season). During the months of February to May, there is hardly rain, but for the next six months, it hardly relents. You will not find a two hundred year old bridge, simpler than a single wooden bamboo logs that fits end to end with a single rope. Miraculously, after battling hundreds of monsoons, it’s still here.

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7. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA

Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA Scary Trivia: 955 feet high, 1260 feet long. It’s so high, you can look down and see the clouds! And, to make matters scarier, strong winds blow as they rush down the canyon; so keeping a balance is an art. In terms of both stunning and terrifying sights, the Royal Gorge Bridge is difficult to beat. The bridge is in Colorado, USA and extends over a tremendous gorge, 995 ft. over the river. The bridge was constructed in 1929 and was regarded the most elevated bridge in the world until 2001. If the terrifying journey across the bridge doesn’t scare you enough, then the bridge is also an idyllic place for bungee jumping; just in case there was not enough thrill at this height for you!

8. Canopy Walk, Ghana, Africa      

Kakum National Park, Central Region, Ghana Scary Trivia: 130 feet high, 1150 feet long. The bridge is just one foot wide and hence, two people cannot walk side by side or in opposing directions at the same time. Situated at about 33 kilometres away from the north of Cape Coast, the Kakum National Park in Ghana is renowned for its virgin rainforests. A stunning features of the forest is its 130 feet high canopy footbridge, which is suspended between trees and from which you can admire and see the different species of birds and other mammals. Also, from the canopy footbridge, the structure of the forest canopy can be appreciated in many different ways.

9. Marienbruecke Bridge, Germany

Marienbruecke Bridge, Germany

Scary Trivia: 300 feet high, 492 feet long. This bridge, at first glance, gives an impression of being well-structured, but it is actually not.

The Marienbruecke Bridge in Germany is a beautiful yet scary bridge built near the Bavarian Alps, connects the cliffs on two sides with one another. Your heartbeat will definitely race while walking on this bridge, so think twice before crossing.

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