The Frugal Wanderer’s Guide to Affordable Travel: 4 Hacks that Work!

The Frugal Wanderer’s Guide to Affordable Travel: 4 Hacks that Work!

Travel feeds an inborn desire in human beings and satisfies those who aspire to live extraordinary lives. Since the dawn of civilized society, man has felt the inexplicable urge to explore and seek out new lands; taking in every new sight and sound! But travel isn’t always very easy on the pocket. From flight tickets, to transport, to food and beverages to hotel accommodation; it all very quickly begins to add up. And as countless travelers will agree - even the most carefully planned holiday budgets can quickly spiral out of control due to various unforeseen expenses. At holidayme, we pride ourselves on being able to provide all of our customers with happy, unforgettable,and affordable travel! In keeping with that idea, here are 4 easy ways to save a tremendous amount of money on your next holiday!

4 Hacks to ensure Affordable Travel

1. Take a Walk!

Take a Walk We all love the occasional guided tour of a new country. They’re informative, educational, and give you an overall understanding of the place you are visiting. The downside of this is that guided tours can put a considerable dent in your travel budget, especially when they are stacked on top of each other consecutively. So hack #1 to cut down on costs is to take a walk! The best way to see a city is to venture out on your own or with a friend and explore its streets, lanes, and byways unfettered by a definite schedule, structure, or a time restraint. When you explore a new place on foot, you will find hidden gems that guided tours very often cannot provide, and interact with a place on your own terms rather than someone else’s. Most famous attractions already have information available in terms of signs or pamphlets and those of you with a particular thirst for in-depth information can always use the internet or simply ask one of the locals!

2. Happiness in Hostels!

Hostel Hotels and resorts are places that pride themselves on providing a certain degree of luxury and comfort to their guests. Everything from room cleanings to meals are taken care for you, and while this is admittedly convenient, it does come at a premium price. While it is important to have a certain degree of comfort while on holiday, it is imperative that you remember that most travelers spend the majority of their time outside their hotel rooms, immersing themselves in the experiences of the country they happen to be in. End of the day, what most travelers require is just a place to rest after a tiring day of exploring a new country. While all the extras such as room service are nice touches, they are by no means "essential" for a fun and exciting holiday! Which brings us to hack #2 for planning affordable holidays - opt for hostels over hotels! We would encourage travelers looking to save money, to consider staying in hostels or shared dormitories. Most modern hostels provide modern amenities such as air conditioning, internet access, and state of the art cooking facilities and entertainment centers. Some hostels even provide private rooms for a little bit more than the price of a shared dorm. All of this is provided at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room! The best part of a hostel is the sheer number of individuals you get interact with as a result of inhabiting a shared space. It is through these exciting interactions that you form bonds of friendship and camaraderie that will last you a lifetime, all while saving a small fortune!

3. Fun with Food!

Street Food Sampling the local cuisine is arguably the best part of any holiday but it’s very easy to get carried away with things. Eating out at restaurants or even at your hotel for every single meal is guaranteed to make any traveler feel some sort of a pinch, no matter how large their budget is. As with most things, the best way to fix this is to do some research and planning before travelling. Identify certain restaurants in the area that provide good food at affordable rates and decide where you are going to eat and on which day you are going to do so. If a restaurant has its menu online, you can even go the extra mile and plan out precisely what you are going eat. By doing this you can make note of exactly how much you are going to spend and ensure that you do not go over your food budget. We would also encourage travelers to experiment with street food provided the conditions are reasonably hygienic. Street food in various countries is a vital form of sustenance, for it is often through street food that you can experience the local cuisine of a country in its most unadulterated form! Also read: 5 ways in which off-season travel can help you save money!

4. Brilliant Budgeting!

Budgeting Speaking of planning, the best way to ensure that your travel is affordable is to document your expenses both before and after you travel. While spreadsheets and word documents aren’t the most glamorous way to prepare for an adventure, they can go a long way towards ensuring that you don’t go overboard and end up spending more than you can reasonably afford. Before booking a holiday, map out your expected itinerary and for each day make note of the money you will be spending on food/beverages, travel costs, accommodation costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. While on your trip, take care to make note of any money spent that is not in your initial budget, and add it to your original list as soon as you can. This will allow you to keep track of what you are spending and where, and allow you to curtail your expenses accordingly. Doing this will also allow you to be better prepared for future holidays and allow you to advise your fellow travelers so as to prevent them from making unnecessary purchases. All of this will ensure that your next holiday is affordable, happy and hassle free!
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